On September 1, 2021, NYU launched a new Travel and Expense Policy. This policy replaces the current Business Expenses policy, aligns with the Payment Card and Expense Reimbursement policies, and supports NYU’s sustainability and financial priorities.

Who is impacted?

The policy applies to:

  • NYU staff, administrators, faculty, and researchers who travel for business or incur business-related expenses, including P-Card users
  • NYU students who travel on University business or submit other expenses to the University for reimbursement
  • All individuals that authorize or audit business or travel expenses

All impacted community members are responsible for compliance with the new policy, which will be subject to normal audit after a transition grace period.

Why does this matter?

The changes are designed to:

  • Align, clarify, and streamline related policies
  • Support efficient decision-making and reduce ambiguity in determining appropriate travel and business spending
  • Support the University’s sustainability priorities
  • Align with NYU’s peer institutions

What do I need to know about the new policy?

The new Travel and Expense Policy replaced the current Business Expenses policy on September 1 and is designed to align with the Payment Card Policy and Expense Reimbursement policies. These resources are available for you to learn more about the changes prior to the compliance deadline.

What do I need to do?

Review the above resources to become familiar with the updates to the policy, and keep an eye out from your school or unit’s Fiscal Officer about any changes to processes or added provisions that are more restrictive than those in the new Travel and Expense policy.

If your job includes a finance role, or your Finance Officer would like you to attend, you received an email invitation to mandatory training in iLearn on August 31, followed by automated reminders. Please complete the training prior to the November 15 compliance deadline. Other community members are welcome to enroll in the Fundamentals of Business Expenses and All About Business Travel training via iLearn.

How do I get help?

If you have additional questions, please check with your finance staff or email the FinanceLink team at AskFinanceLink@nyu.edu.