How to Determine if an RFP is Needed

Once a need for a good and/or service has been identified ask the following question(s):

  1.  Is the total cost of this requirement over $10k in value?
    If under $10k:
    Is this a purchase that can be made via Low Dollar Purchase, iBuy, or P-card? If any of these 3 methods are not possible, please submit a requisition.
    Over $10k: Contract vs. Non-Contract?
  2.  If there is a current contract and/or pricing agreement in place proceed with submitting a requisition, no RFP is needed.
  3.  If there is NOT a current contract in place, contact email procurement with a project overview and the recommended documents below if applicable / possible:
    1. Scope of Work (A detailed description of the project with milestones)
    2. Specs / Drawings
    3. Any Preliminary Quotes
    4. Bid Vendor List
    5. Timeline

If Over $100k, engage Strategic Sourcing team with the above documents for guidance. The Strategic Sourcing team will evaluate the need and work with the requester to help determine an appropriate strategy.