i-Buy Order Forms

Graphic of i-Buy NYU hand shaking icon with words “i-Buy NYU”

Automatic order forms have been created on i-Buy NYU, NYU's system for procuring goods and services and paying suppliers. To use i-Buy NYU, log in to NYU Home, search for the Buying and Paying channel and click on the i-Buy NYU link.

The following order forms are available on i-Buy NYU:

Bid Waiver Order Form

Used for the purchase of supplies, equipment or services not under contract requiring the expenditure of funds in excess of $10,000 (with the exception of Construction Services, which has a separate threshold).

Catering Order Form

Used for all catering order requests from NYU’s approved caterers. Caterers that are not approved are subject to further Procurement team review.

Change Order Form

See Tip Sheet on Requesting a Change Order for more information.

Standing Order Form

Used as justified for repetitive, specified services or items from the same supplier over period of up to one year, or on a monthly basis. See Tip Sheet on Requesting a Standing Order for more information.

Subaward Form

Replaces the Flextecs subaward invoice approval process. The format of this form has been designed to ensure the proper accounting structure is applied to the resulting purchase order.

Venue/Events Form

Used for space and event-related expenditures. Requests must be submitted sufficiently in advance of the event to allow for any deposits or check requests to be processed.