Sustainability graphic depicting windmills, trees, and buildings.

Sustainability efforts at NYU are aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support teaching and research, and provide resources and guidance in establishing a culture of sustainability and to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainable procurement aligns with NYU’s ongoing efforts and President Hamilton’s commitment to make the University one of the nation’s greenest campuses. Environmental factors are considered when making procurement decisions.

NYU Procurement’s Sustainable Mission, Vision, and Goals

Procurement’s mission is to increase NYU community awareness of sustainable products and services and to make the purchase of those products and services as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Procurement promotes the use of environmentally preferable products while also adhering to the principles of cost, quality, innovation, service, value, compliance, and availability. Initiatives include NYU’s Green Workplace Certification and Green Event Standard.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Cecil Scheib, Chief Sustainability Officer

“NYU is building a healthier and more sustainable future. Across the University, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, support teaching and research, and provide resources and guidance in establishing a culture of sustainability at NYU and beyond.
Whether you buy recycled and nontoxic office supplies, repair furniture under warranty, choose EPEAT certified computers, convert to tree-free paper, or get your whole office Green Workplace Certified, your efforts add up. Thanks for your help as we strive to become one of the greenest urban campuses and reach carbon neutrality by 2040.”

Green Purchasing

Green Purchasing is the procurement of products and services that cause minimal adverse environmental impact while maintaining high quality performance. It incorporates human health and environmental concerns into the search for quality products and services at competitive costs. Green Purchasing takes into consideration a product’s life cycle and environmentally safe disposal.

Green Purchasing Programs and Tips

Sustainability graphic depicting windmills, trees, and buildings.

K-Cup Recycling: Grounds to Grow On Program

Grounds to Grow On collects used K-Cups and separates the components to compost the grounds and recycle the cups. When you enroll, you will receive a pre-labeled box to dispose of used K-Cups. When the box is full, it can be sent with the outgoing mail and another box will be delivered to your office.

Details are available from Keurig on how to place an order and schedule a pickup.

Once the K-Cycle® recycling bin is full, what do I do with it?

Shipping is included in the cost of your K-Cycle recycling bin, which will arrive with a pre-affixed UPS Carbon Neutral shipping label. Simply present the box to your UPS driver or call 1-800-PICK-UPS to arrange a pickup. If the label is not pre-affixed, please contact g2 revolution® at for a replacement label. All boxes are shipped via UPS carbon-neutral shipments.

Mug and Water Bottle Program

University departments can order an NYU-branded mug and reusable water bottle as a set. Using reusable beverage containers reduces the amount of waste that paper/Styrofoam cups and plastic water bottles can cause.  Estimates show that 15, 134 plastic bottles and jugs are trashed every day by New Yorkers.

A switch to reusable mugs and bottles is an easy way to make a beneficial environmental impact.

To order, please go to Inkwell on i-Buy NYU. For assistance or more information, please contact

TreeFree Paper

TreeFree is a premium quality copy paper that is 100% carbon neutral made from recycled sugarcane waste fiber. TreeFree paper is available on i-Buy NYU from W.B. Mason (Item #TFLTRP10010). For assistance or more information, please contact

Facilities & Operations

Procurement’s Facilities & Operations unit has incorporated sustainability efforts within the following commodities: 

  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) supplies – our MRO suppliers, Fastenal and Grainger, offer a range of green, environmentally friendly products. Both suppliers offer a “green” searching feature on their Punchout. You can access our preferred MRO suppliers through i-Buy NYU’s Punchout. On the Grainger i-Buy NYU site, look for the symbol for Green Products.
  • Shredding – we currently have two (2) preferred shredding suppliers with negotiated rates, Shred It and USA Shred. Both work towards providing environmentally friendly services and recycle shredded material. 
  • Furniture – our current furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability by considering their environmental impact through every process of furniture development such as the design, manufacturing, delivery, and product lifecycle processes.
  • Appliances – when purchasing appliances, we seek out energy star and energy-efficient products.

For assistance or more information, please contact


NYU recently received an award from the Sustainable Purchasing and Leadership Council (SPLC) with an Outstanding Case Study Award on the NYU IT Sustainability Initiative. You can read more about it on the NYU Sustainablog.

Dell on i-Buy NYU

The majority of NYU’s standard configurations purchased through Dell are ENERGY STAR certified. Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan goals include:

  • Source 50% of total electricity from renewables
  • Reduce global absolute GHG emission by 40% from a FY11 baseline
  • Ensure 100% of product packaging is sourced from sustainable materials and is recyclable or compostable
  • Reduce the energy intensity of product portfolio by 80%
  • Recover 2 billion pounds of used electronics

Office Supplies and Coffee

W.B. Mason on i-Buy NYU
Office Supplies
  • Looking for eco-friendly office supplies? W.B. Mason on i-Buy NYU offers searchable sustainable options for almost every category of office supplies. Environmentally Preferred Products, “EPPs” are clearly labeled with a green leaf icon, and most EPPs are on our “NYU Core List” too (products that have been permanently discounted)
  • Orders delivered in Manhattan will be made by an electric truck, and most orders will be packaged in reusable totes instead of cardboard boxes


  • Purchase Energy Star-compliant equipment and participate in the free toner cartridge collection and recycling program
NYU Reprographics
  • Choose high quality environmentally-friendly recycled papers at no additional cost

Promotional Products

Inkwell and Staples Promotional Products on i-Buy NYU

  • Purchase reusable products that can replace disposable alternatives, many of which are featured under their Eco-Friendly listing
  • Choose items made with organic fabrics and recycled materials
  • Consider a sustainable give-away item for your next event

Scientific Supplies/Equipment

VWR on i-Buy NYU
  • Choose items with the ACT label, which emphasizes accountability, consistency, and transparency around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life
  • Choose items with the Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) green leaf designation, which is given to suppliers that meet at least one of these environmental attributes:
    • Products that are energy and/or water efficient
    • Products and/or packaging that are recyclable or reduce waste
    • Products and/or packaging that contain recycled/renewable content
    • Products that are manufactured with low CO2 impact
    • Products and/or packaging that are safer to human and environmental health
  • Choose “green” products indicated with a Green Grass icon.


Quench and Nestle. For assistance or more information, please contact

  • Download printable infographic  from NYU Office of Sustainability website.
  • Lease an in-line filter-cooler machine if tap water is not available for drinking.