NYU Prepaid Cards

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The NYU Prepaid Card (Bank of America Prepaid Visa Debit Card) is a payment tool offered as a supplement to the University’s Petty Cash program, administered by the Office of the Bursar.  A prepaid card program can be established by any department or unit for disbursing funds through stored value cards for:

  • Payment to participants in research studies
  • To cover minor office expenditures

All employee requests for reimbursement and advances must be submitted through AP Workflow.

If you have additional questions or need policy clarification, please email the Bursar’s Office at prepaidcards@nyu.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the new online form, please review the Prepaid Card FAQs.

To Report Loss or Theft

Bank of America 
Phone: (866) 213-8564
TTY: (866)-656-5913
Outside U.S. (collect): (423) 262-1650

Call immediately if your card is lost or stolen.