Steps for Page Creation and Testing

Step 1: Complete the Web Form Registry Checklist

Before beginning the Web Form creation, fill out the Web Form Checklist to fill out all the fields required for creating a Web Form.

Sample Test Pages

  • Sample Payment Test Page (page and code)
  • Sample Payment Page - Simple (page and code)
  • Sample Payment Page - Complex (page and code)  

Step 2: Create a New Web Form

Under Web Forms, select the Form Request option from the menu. This will open up the Web Form Registry New configuration screen. Here you can set-up:

  1. The Request Detail Options
  2. General Configuration Options
  3. Data Validation & Reporting (optional)
  4. Notifications (optional)
  5. Administration (once the web form has been properly saved)

Step 3: Create a Payment Page

  1. Copy a Sample Payment Page (Sample Page 1)
  2. Update the POST URL
  3. Set-Up Hidden Fields
  4. Set Payment Page to Test Mode
  5. Ensure all Fields are Included

Step 4: Test Your Page

  1. Fill out the form as a real user
  2. Use "test" for user identifying fields
  3. Use fake credit card numbers in provided PDF
  4. Submit payment and confirm notifications
  5. Move your Form into production