What is an NYU Merchant?

In order to add ePayment functionality to your website, you must apply to become an NYU Merchant. When accepting ePayments, NYU schools, departments, and programs are considered NYU merchants. 

Complete a Business Plan

If an NYU school, department, or program would like to create their own personalized payment page for receiving contributions or payments, a Business Plan must be submitted by the Fiscal Officer (FO) using the Merchant Onboarding Request Form (requires NYUHome Login). Please provide contact information for any personnel who will need access to the transaction processing environment. 

Business Plan Approval

It may take the 5 to 10 business days to complete a new merchant request.

Once the Merchant Onboarding Request Form is reviewed and the Business Plan is approved, the FO and their Technical Administrator (if listed) will receive further instructions on how to add credit card functionality and a personalized payment page to your website.

Two distribution levels from Payment Gateway: 

Merchant Form Level (MFL)

The merchant form level is the account setup level. It is here where the bank funds are initially deposited to. The Merchant Form level should be considered a holding account. The FO will need to provide a chartfield for this level.

Web Form Level (WFL)

The web form Level is the eCommerce level where the merchant’s webmaster will setup the chartfields. With consultation of Fiscal Officer, the webmaster will input a revenue chartfield and a expense chartfield in this form.  

Two access roles granted in Payment Gateway:

Fiscal Officer

The Fiscal Officer is defined for each merchant as per the school/unit policy. A Fiscal Officer may view/modify all web forms associated with the merchant.

Only Payment Gateway administrators may modify merchant information and can add a FO to an existing merchant.


The Webmaster is defined for each new merchant as per the information in the Business Plan Application. The Webmaster may create web forms for that merchant.

An existing Webmaster may add other Webmasters to an individual web form as either a:

Web Form Admin or Web Report User:

  • Web Form Admins may update the form(s) assigned to them
  • Web Report Users may only view the forms and reports for the forms to which they are assigned

Website Assistance

If your department, program or initiative does not have its own website, you may contact your school or department's primary webmaster. They will be able to implement the form code on your behalf.

If you do not know your school's webmaster, please refer to the NYU Web Guide's Resources page or contact the NYU Web Team at webteam@nyu.edu. They will be able to provide guidance as to with whom you should speak regarding adding this functionality to a site.