Equipment, Surplus, and Disposal

Managing the surplus and disposal of assets is critical to University and Federal policies.

Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment refers to durable, self-sufficient movable property with a useful life of more than one year and a unit cost of $5,000.00 or more.

Asset Labeling

Yellow NYU barcode label with large red word “Sample” on it.

This label is affixed to all moveable capital equipment with a unit cost.


Departments regularly have surplus items that are no longer needed and require either recycling or disposal.

  • University owned items cannot be given or sold to employees or students regardless of condition
  • Item(s) that are not recycled within the University will be offered to Not for Profit Organization for donation. To learn more, read the Asset management Policies and Procedures on the NYU policy website


Once an item is designated for disposal, the department should then contact FCM Client Services Center at 212-998-1001 to remove it from the premises.

Surplus items must have an affixed Disposal Label before building maintenance can dispose of them

Yellow NYU sample label with words “Authorized For Disposal” on it.

This label is affixed to surplus items identified for disposal.