The Budget Modification System

The BudMod system is used to enter Budget Modifications. BudMods can be used to reallocate budget to allow a failed transaction to pass. It can become necessary to modify the budget, which could be due to:

  • A budget that needs to be moved from one Chartfield to another
  • A budget that needs to be moved from one account level (Personnel Expense, Controllable OTPS, and Uncontrollable OTPS) to another
  • Unanticipated revenue that allows for additional spending, which would require increasing the expense side of the budget to allow the additional spending

BudMod Approvals

Budget Modifications should be approved within 1 business day. The approval of modifications may take longer if there are outstanding issues that prevent normal approval - this might include:

  • Unbalanced Bud Mods
  • Insufficient Funds
  • or New Chart-fields

Automatic Approval Rules for BudMods

BudMods which meet the following criteria bypass the Office of Budget and Planning and post directly to FAME:

  • Bud Mods must be balanced
  • Total Increase/Decrease is for less than $5,000

Once approved, budget modifications should post to PeopleSync within 15 minutes and FAME within one hour. If rejected, the original requestor is notified by email.

BudMod Timeout

If a BudMod is in anyone’s worklist for more than five days, it will “Timeout”

“Timeout” notifications are sent to the requestor and the current owner by email, but do not impact workflow The BudMod will remain in the current owner’s worklist and do not affect their ability to approve or reject the modification.

Guidelines for Budget Modifications

The Budget Office reviews Budget Modifications differently based on Fund Group. Below is a list of criteria that your Bud Mods should meet depending on the Fund Group it is associated with.

Note: It is not possible to submit a Bud Mod across multiple funds.