UDW+ Student Dashboard Access Process

  1. Locate your Authorized Account Requester and inform them that you would like access to the UDW+ Student Dashboard 
    •  They will submit a request on your behalf, which has to be approved by the Registrar's office.
  2. Complete the FERPA training.
  3. Complete STU 010: UDW+ Student Academic Dashboard Training via NYU iLearn.

Access should be granted within 3 business days of completing the above steps.

UDW+ Student Data Ad Hoc Reporting Access Process:

  1. Ask your Authorized Account Requester to submit a request to the Registrar for your UDW+ Student Data Ad Hoc access.
  2. Be familiar with the UDW+ system and the student data available in the UDW+ Student Dashboard.
    • A certain technical skill set is needed for successful Ad Hoc reporting, including proficiency in Excel and experience using in UDW+
    • You must have a thorough understanding of Student reporting data.
  3. Register for STU 050: UDW+ Student Ad Hoc Reports Training in iLearn 
    • This is a ~2 hour one-on-one training with an instructor, and after registering in iLearn you will have to email askDSG@nyu.edu to schedule the actual training.  

Please note

UDW+ Student Data training and access is not access to the Albert/SIS system. 

For Course Evaluations access, please see the Course Evaluations-portion of the DSG Training and Access page; Course Evaluations Dashboard access is not granted as part of the UDW+ Student Data process. 

Additional Resources

NYU Reporting and Analytics Wiki includes sections specific to the UDW+ Student Dashboard as well as a Student Ad Hoc Reporting section. 

Decision Support & Financial Analysis's Reporting Resources, Training, and Access on nyu.edu.

You can always reach out to askDSG@nyu.edu with any questions.

Instructions for Authorized Account Requester

  1. Log in to the Registrar’s Account Request Application.  
  2. Enter the Account Holder Information.
  3. Scroll down to Reporting.
  4. Select either UDW+ Student Dashboard Access and/or UDW+ Ad Hoc.
  5. Submit form.