HR Dashboards

The UDW+ HR Administration Dashboard provides Human Resources Officers and Fiscal Officers with key information related to positions, compensation and costing allocations. The Dashboard sources data from PeopleSync, fame and legacy HRIS systems.

The UDW+ Total Compensation Dashboard provides transparency on faculty’s compensation (for all full-time faculty and professional researchers) across the University to help manage sponsor-imposed constraints.

The HRM Portal is comprised of various dashboards containing metrics that assist HR in making decisions that are data-informed and support HR strategic initiatives such as talent management, diversity, compliance, and retention.  


  1. Contact your designated HR Security Partner to request access to on, two, or all of the following:
    • UDW+ HR Administration dashboard 
    • UDW+ Total Compensation Dashboard 
    • HRM Portal
  2. If your request is approved, your HR Security Partner will initiate the access process in WorkDay.
    • Access to the UDW+ Total Compensation Dashboard also requires HR Executive and ESM Security Team for approval.
  3. Complete HRS 700: UDW+ Quick Review of Functionality in iLearn
  4. Access to the HR dashboard(s) will be granted upon WorkDay data approval.
  5. If needed, Data Access may be modified by the HR Security Partner.

*UDW+ HR data access is determined and approved by the HR Security Partner, recorded in PeopleSync, and authorized by PeopleSync security administrators.  

If you are the HR Security Partner, view instructions on assigning UDW+ Roles in PeopleSync, as well as other important information about granting access to HR data in UDW+.

How to gain access to UDW+ HR Ad Hoc Reporting?

If you have additional HR reporting needs and require UDW+ HR Ad Hoc reporting access:

  • Become familiar with the reports and data available within the UDW+ HR Administration Dashboard.
  • Be comfortable building ad hoc reports in UDW+ or another Oracle database, and be highly proficient in excel and/or access.
  • Have a thorough understanding of HR data.

If you meet the defined criteria, you may email and request one-on-one HR Ad Hoc training.

  • Ad hoc reporting access to the UDW+ Total Compensation subject area is not available.