Full Version

UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard - Full Version


The full version of the UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard provides useful financial information to Principal Investigators and Grant Administrators for managing grants and other fund sources (such as gifts and start-ups). It includes ability to view all grants financials on one page including grants that might require attention such as grants coming to the end, grants with insufficient balances, or waiting for funding from the sponsors. Information is available at the summary level with ability to drill-down to additional details, and is also viewable by calendar, grant, or fiscal years.  

Training requirement:

If you have completed FIN 800 in iLearn and used the standard reports in UDW+ but find you need access to the Grants Management Dashboard as well, simply email askDSG@nyu.edu and request access to the Grants Management Dashboard, with a brief (one or two sentences) summary of why you would like access to the full Grants Management Dashboard. 

Lite Version

UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard - Lite Version


The lite version of the UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard is designed specifically for the Principal Investigator and provides a very high-level overview of grants financials (including other funds such as gifts and start-ups) along with the ability to view who and what is being charged to the grant.

Training requirement:

The lite version is intuitive with minimal system interaction, and therefore, training is not required.

Accessing the dashboard:

  1. UDW+ is accessible via NYU Home; search for UDW+ and click the UDW+ card's "Go" button to access the system.
    • If you are working off-campus, be sure to log in to VPN beforehand.
  2. NAVIGATE TO DASHBOARD: Once you have logged into UDW+ all of the dashboards to which you have access will appear in your Dashboards dropdown menu in the near-top menu bar. 


  • Appropriate chartfield access is required to view financial information for grants. Please request the necessary Chartfield Access via the Chartfield Access Authorization Form (also found on NYU Home)
  • Reporting Department access is required for Department Administrators to view the Proposals page of the Grants Management Dashboard. For more information, please email askDSG@nyu.edu.