Successful completion of UDW+ training course(s) is mandatory to gain access to UDW+. The training* and access instructions differ, depending on the UDW+ area that you wish to access. Please select one of the options below for more information:

The UDW+ Training Program is aimed at:

  • Providing a variety of learning environments, such as face-to-face classroom, with computer-mediated activities including live eLearning, and self-paced instruction to form an integrated instructional approach where end users are able to receive the necessary training for UDW+, business processes, and data interpretation.
  • Supporting the end user’s smooth transition from Brio to UDW+, and minimize impact on productivity.
  • Developing and implement an on-going training program for UDW+ users that will meet their evolving training needs.
  • Supporting NYU’s objectives in reaching its goals.

*An alternative to digitally accessible training is available by contacting the Decision Support Group.