Successful completion of UDW+ training course(s) is mandatory to gain access to UDW+.
The training* and access instructions differ, depending on the UDW+ data category that you wish to access. Please select one of the options below for more specific information:

The UDW+ Training Program is aimed at:

  • Helping users to receive the necessary training - ensuring each user has access to the modality and content that works best for them.
  • Providing all users an on-going training program for UDW+ users that will meet each user's evolving training needs.
  • Make sure NYU’s staff & faculty have the training and knowledge necessary to meet their data & reporting needs. 
Many of the training courses are online and available in iLearn and the NYU Wiki contains a lot of resources, including How-To guides and reference materials.
Additionally, in-person/Zoom trainings and collaborations are always available for users. Just email to schedule a time to meet with one of us - and, as always, reach out with any questions!

If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please reach out to the Decision Support & Financial Analysis Group.