Taking the guesswork out of decision making.

A worfklow that goes: Data then Reporting then Analysis then Action then Value.

The Decision Support and Financial Analysis team at NYU is here to help the university make data-informed decisions. We work with users to gather, organize, and prepare data for further analysis. We support the NYU community - whatever their information needs - and can assist you and your team at all levels of reporting and analysis.

Contact DSFA (the new and expanded DSG) to learn more about how you can use data, reporting, and analytics to inform your business decisions!

askDSG@nyu.edu 212-998-2900

Navigate to our Reporting Announcements and Reporting Issues pages for information on new features and updates, and to learn about any known reporting issues.


DSFA (DSG + Financial Analysis) is part of the Finance and Employee Systems & Services team at NYU.

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DSFA Announcements

The Decision Support Group has merged with the Financial Systems Team, and together we will be more productive than ever! 

Welcome to the new Decision Support & Financial Analysis team. 

Stay tuned for more details, but don't worry we are still us, and you can still email askDSG@nyu.edu with any questions!