The UDW+ Program is gradually replacing the existing UDW architecture, which currently supports NYU reporting, with a flexible and integrated architecture that is more intuitive to the business users for ad hoc reporting and analytics. Currently, UDW+ stores major components of financial, student, HR, and research data. The UDW+ Program will continue to expand to include other areas.

UDW+ Roll-out Approach

Each project under the UDW+ Program is being rolled-out in a staggered approach to ensure a smooth transition. The rollout plan for each school and division is customized in partnership with the school or division's reporting representatives. Beginning with Core Users who certified the data, then Beta Users who design and tested the dashboard(s), to Super Users who are the in-house reporting experts within each school/division, to a customized larger rollout of all department users, and so on... until all of the reporting users have transitions to UDW+.

UDW+ Financial Reporting and Analystics Staggered Rollout

Target audience for each roll-out