Program Overview

The University Data Warehouse Plus (UDW+) is gradually replacing the former University Data Warehouse. Established as a Program, UDW+ continues to evolve and grow through:

  • Rebuilding existing University Data Warehouse architecture for more intuitive and integrated access to University data.
  • Decision Support Services around reporting and analytics.
  • Formalizing Data Management Policies and Practices that ensure integrity and accessibility.
  • Building a detailed and well executed ongoing internal Training Program.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is gradually replacing the Brio reporting tool. OBIEE is a reporting tool that pulls data from UDW+ to deliver a full range of reporting and analytical capabilities, including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc report capabilities, and alerts.

UDW+ Architecture

UDW+ stores major components of financial, student, HR, and research data. The UDW+ Program will continue to expand to include other areas.  From the initial planning phases of the project to the design, requirements, and functionality of the new interactive dashboards - administrators, staff, department heads, and faculty from across NYU are collaborating to ensure the University will have timely access to accurate and integrated information for making critical decisions.

UDW+ Architecture Overview

Currently available through UDW+: