Client Information

1 Client Information

Mark REPRINT checkbox if you want exact reprints of a job. Be sure to include the original job number.

Mark REVISION checkbox if you want changes to a previous job. Include the previous job number.

Fill in the field for DATE WANTED and by the end of business day, the job will be ready. To specify a time, write the time underneath "Date Wanted.'

Billing Information

2 Billing Information

The BILLING INFORMATION section allows you to split production costs between two University accounts. You may specify either a dollar amount of a percentage field.


3. Specifications

In the INK COLOR field(s), specify the ink color of your job - if other than black (Spot color or Pantone).

In the FLAT SIZE field, indicate the page size of the final piece before folding.

In the TEXT STOCK field, specify the type of paper, its weight, color, and finish.

Mark SELF-COVER checkbox if your job has a cover and is printed on the same stock as the text. Mark PLUS COVER checkbox if the cover is to be printed on a different stock.

When using form for a copy job, the field ORIGINALS refers to the number of sides (pages) to be copied. When using the form for a print job, please indicate the total number pages of the job.

Binding and Finishing

4. Binding and Finishing

Mark FOLD TO SIZE checkbox to indicate the finished size of your job, e.g. an 11" x 17" newsletter folded in half would have a folded size of 8.5" x 11".

Mark SCORES / PERFORATIONS and indicate a total of each score or perforation. Submit a sample or dummy of their to indicate their location (a dummy is a rough layout of the job showing the position of illustrations, text and images.

Design Services

5. Design Services

Mark ARTWORK PROVIDED checkbox if you are including "camera-ready" art with your job.

Mark OUTPUT ONLY checkbox to indicate the job desired is to solely print from finished files you provide. (All fonts and images required to print your job need to be included).

Mark either CALL FOR PICKUP or FAX to choose how you would like to receive a proof of the job. Be sure to include fax number if you would like to receive a proof via fax.

Mark BLUE PRINT, COLOR PROOF or COLOR COMP checkbox if you need one of these services. For jobs that require design or typesetting, we will provide you with a laser proof, which you must approve before the job is printed.

Addressing / Mailing

6. Addressing / Mailing

Mark PRESSURE SENSITIVE checkbox to print addresses on self-stick labels and CHESHIRE LABELS for labels printed on 11"x15" continuous feed plain (non-adhesive) paper.

Mark FROM CLIENT'S DISK checkbox to choose the most efficient way to submit mailing lists. (dBase-compatible .dbf files preferred).

Special Instructions

special instructions

Use the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section to give additional information and instructions, e.g. "sample attached," "dummy attached," "distribute to mailing lists using my enclosed disks, or "see attached memo for details"

Delivery Instructions

8. Delivery Instructions

Mark DELIVERY REQUESTED TO checkbox if you want us to deliver your job.

For a delivery to multiple locations, mark DELIVERY REQUESTED TO checkbox and indicate both addresses.

Mark CALL FOR PICK UP checkbox if you would like to pick up your job at our office.