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What is Data Governance?

Data Governance is a collection of practices and processes which helps to ensure the formal management of data assets within an organization. Data Governance often includes concepts such as Data Stewardship, Data Quality, and others to help an enterprise gain better control over its data assets, including methods, technologies, and behaviors around the proper management of data. It also deals with security and privacy, integrity, usability, integration, compliance, availability, roles and responsibilities, and overall management of the internal and external data flows within an organization.

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Data Governance Guiding Principles

(as affirmed by the Data Trustees on August 3, 2017)

  • Improve NYU's ability to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge
  • Support easier access to University data assets with proper protection
  • Improve trust in data management decisions and data quality
  • Improve efficiency in data management
  • Reduce risk through regulatory, policy, and procedural compliance