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Global Walking Challenge

NYU Abu Dhabi Wins Seventh Annual Stepping Contest

Global Walking Challenge

Held in October 2017, the Global Walking Challenge resulted in inspiring connections for NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi, and NYU Shanghai – moving and motivating faculty and employees across our global network to make enhancements in their daily lives toward a healthier lifestyle.

The results are in! With support and tracking from the Stridekick platform, more than 450 participants collectively walked more than 106 million steps – or 42,000 miles (over 67,500 kilometers).

The winning team is calculated by the total number of team steps divided by the number of team participants to achieve the average number of steps:

  • NYU Abu Dhabi took 19,831,191 total steps, with a final average of 9,631 steps per day
  • NYU New York took 78,295,745 total steps, with a final average of 9,245 steps per day
  • NYU Shanghai took 8,345,685 total steps, with a final average of 8,221 steps per day

Congratulations, NYU Abu Dhabi – by a narrow margin of 386 steps, and for the sixth consecutive year, you continue to hold the "torch trophy" as the winner of the 2017 Global Walking Challenge!

The top three steppers from each team logged impressive average daily steps:

  • NYU Abu Dhabi: 24,181, 24,090, and 23,254 steps each
  • NYU New York: 22,463, 20,597, and 20,141 steps each
  • NYU Shanghai: 18,206, 17,736, and 14,788 steps each

Participants were automatically enrolled in the NYU Target Challenge as well. This challenge allowed participants to compete against themselves by aiming to take at least 205,000 steps throughout the duration of the challenge. 70% of participants achieved at least 205,000 steps. Of those, several were randomly selected to receive an NYU LiveSmart "Star Stepper" t-shirt. Congratulations to all participants.

Did you participate in the Global Walking Challenge? Your feedback is valued. If you have not done so already, please complete a brief evaluation.

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