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Building Leadership Skills

Critical Skills for Emerging Leaders Certificate Program

Critical Skills for Emerging Leaders is a certificate program designed to help supervisors and managers develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their leadership roles at NYU.

Who should enroll in the certificate program?

This program is recommended for all new supervisors / managers with fewer than 18 months of leadership experience. It is also suitable for those wishing to move into a supervisory role. Supervisors or managers interested in improving their leadership skills should also consider participating in this program.


Critical Skills for Emerging Leaders includes five core modules and a variety of electives that provide the new leader with the tools s/he needs to be successful. Though most of the courses are delivered in the classroom, several are offered online and can be completed at your convenience.

Core Courses

All five courses must be completed for the certificate program:

  • Managers as Leaders (LDR 001)
  • Leading Communication Successfully (LDR 002)
  • Leading Employees at NYU (LDR 003)
  • Leading for High Performance (LDR 004)
  • Leading Teams (LDR 005)


Electives include any courses listed as LDR in the NYUiLearn course catalog. To receive the certificate, participants must complete at least two elective programs. Various LDR electives are offered each semester. Electives offered in the past year have included:

  • Leading Change in Challenging Times
  • Best Practices in Supervising Student Employees
  • Interviewing for Exceptional Hires
  • Coaching for Behavior Change
  • Global Awareness


All core courses will be offered at least once every other semester. At least two electives will be offered every semester. Courses and electives do not need to be completed in any pre-determined order.

Participants seeking a certificate, may complete the core courses and electives in a single semester, or may choose to complete them over several semesters. We strongly encourage participants seeking the certificate to complete the program within one year.

Enrolling in and Completing the Certificate

Any supervisor or manager can enroll in the individual courses in the certificate program through NYUiLearn. It is not necessary to enroll in the certificate program. Your courses will be tracked and managed in NYUiLearn. You can view all course completions by logging into NYUiLearn and clicking on the "Transcript and Certificates" button. If you check your transcript and do not see all of the LDR courses you believe you have completed, contact NYU PeopleLink. It is possible that you took some of the courses before completions were tracked on NYUiLearn.

When you have checked your transcript to confirm that you've completed all of the certificate requirements, you can register on NYUiLearn for LDR 006: Post-Assessment and Certificate. You will be able to print your own certificate upon completion of LDR 006.

Non-Certificate Option

Supervisors and managers may also enroll in any of the core courses or electives without committing to the complete certificate program.

Additional Help

For additional assistance, contact NYU PeopleLink, the integrated service center for HR, benefits, and payroll inquiries, at]