Administrative Access

PeopleSync administrative access is available to authorized HR, finance, and payroll employees. To gain administrative user access to PeopleSync, please contact your Human Resources Officer or Business Partner. The representative of each school or unit can request support roles that grant access to PeopleSync. Approvals are required from school or unit leadership.

HR Reporting

HR and finance employees can use both PeopleSync and UDW+ to access different types of reports:

PeopleSync Reports UDW+ Reports

Operational and Day-to-Day Reports

Example: Onboarding status summary

Analytical Reports*

Point-in-Time Reports

Example: Faculty, staff,
or adjunct headcount report

Trend and Historical Reports

Example: Report for open positions in a
department over three years*

HR and Payroll Data

Example: Open, filled,
and closed position reports

Cross-Functional Reports*

Example: Salary expense report (includes
both HR and finance data)

* Please refer to UDW+ webpages for updates and contact the UDW+ team with questions.

Security Reports

PeopleSync is the primary system for most human resources and payroll transactions, replacing legacy systems at NYU, including:

  • HRIS
  • PASS
  • ePASS
  • xPASS, and
  • WebAMI

—with technology powered by Workday.