Nominations are sought from faculty, administrators, staff, and students in each school and major division to generate a large and diverse group of nominees. The internal nomination committee for each area then recommends to the provost, dean, or senior vice president candidates from among the nominees to forward to the all-University Selection Committee for final selection.

Final selections will not be based solely on quantity of supporting letters for each nominee, but on the examples submitted of how they meet each of the criteria competencies. Please note that only one nomination letter is needed for each nominee from the respective provost, dean, or senior vice president. Schools/units should not feel limited to a single nominee and may nominate more than one nominee.

It is important that the nomination process be an open one and should incorporate strategies to reach the entire community. It must reach out to the departmental level and not limit its focus to those who, due to the nature of their jobs, are most visible to school or administrative division heads.

Candidates may be nominated across school or unit lines (e.g., someone from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development may nominate someone from the Tisch School of the Arts), but the nomination form must be submitted to the nominee's Human Resources Officer or Business Partner.

The provost, dean of each school, and senior vice president of each administrative unit may form a nomination committee that comprises various constituencies within their areas. Faculty presence on the nomination committee is recommended.

Submission of Nomination to the Selection Committee

The Human Resources Officer or Business Partner in each school or unit submits the final nominees to the Selection Committee for consideration. Each school or unit may also submit to the committee any criteria and procedures for selecting a nominee. Note: We ask that each school or administrative division keep its final nominees confidential until the selection is completed.

Format for Nomination Submission to the Selection Committee

Original nomination form with:

  • Name of nominee
  • Full title of nominee
  • School or administrative division
  • Nominee's home and office addresses, office telephone number, office fax number, and email address
  • Name and title of the immediate supervisor
  • Number of years of service at NYU
  • List of school or administrative division nomination committee members
  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address of Human Resources Officer or Business Partner of school or administrative division
  • Original nomination form with nominators text (description of nominee's achievements and specific examples of how they meet one or more of the criteria)
  • Provost's/dean's/senior vice president's letter of nomination and statement of support (only one nomination letter is needed per nominee)
  • NYU resume or biographical information of nominee, including awards, honors, or other relevant activities
  • NYU references for nominee that may be contacted to discuss nominee’s performance and/or award criteria
Deadlines for Nominations

Nominations from each school or administrative division should be submitted to their Human Resources Officer/Business Partner by January 10, 2020. As in previous years, this internal deadline may be extended as long as Human Resources Officers or Business Partners submit final nomination materials to University Human Resources by the firm deadline of February 7, 2020. Nomination materials submitted to the Compensation Office after the firm deadline will not be accepted. Human Resources Officers or Business Partners should submit the final nomination materials by the firm deadline to: Distinguished Administrator Award, New York University Human Resources, Attn. Seamus Mullin, 105 East 17th Street, First Floor, New York, NY 10003.