As per the contract between the University and the Union of Clerical, Administrative, and Technical Staff, Local 3882, Appendix D (non-credit courses for which NYU will reimburse UCATS members the 20% tuition payment upon successful completion of the course) has been updated to reflect current course offerings and interests expressed by the union membership. Upon completion of an Appendix D course, you and your course instructor must fill out the Local 3882 Tuition Reimbursement (PDF) form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form.

Course Course Code
Writing Skills – Nailing the Basics WRIT1-CE9053
Grammar Review Crash Course WRIT1-CE9865
Speaking Without Fear SPCH1-CE9081
Writing on the Job WRIT1-CE9730
Interpersonal Communications Skills BIZG1-CE9402
Sharpening Your Presentation and Speech Skills SPCH1-CE9531
Improving Writing Skills WRIT1-CE9730
EXCEL: Essential Basic INFO1-CE9906
EXCEL: Beyond the Basics INFO1-CE9907
EXCEL:  Advanced Tools and Techniques INFO1-CE9902
Introduction to Data Visualization DATA1-CE9005
Microsoft Access:  Designing and Developing a Database INFO1-CE9903
Develop Your Own Website in Three Easy Sessions INFO1-CE9131
Financial Accounting: Part I ACCT1-CE8101
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals FINA1-CE9642
Leadership Step-by-Step LROD1-CE9411
Math Review for GRE/GMAT TPGP1-CE9131
GRE Preparation TPGP1-CE9115