As per the contract between the University and the Union of Clerical, Administrative, and Technical Staff, Local 3882, Appendix D (non-credit courses for which NYU will reimburse UCATS members the 20% tuition payment upon successful completion of the course) has been updated to reflect current course offerings and interests expressed by the union membership. Upon completion of an Appendix D course, you and your course instructor must fill out the Local 3882 tuition reimbursement form (PDF) and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form.

Course Course Code
Effective Business Writing
Professional Writing: Content, Purpose, and Audience
Grammar Review
Mastering English Grammar
Digital Communication in a Changing Workplace WRIT1-CE9730
Interpersonal Communication Skills BIZG1-CE9402
Sharpening Your Presentation and Speech Skills SPCH1-CE9531
Excel: Essential Basics INFO1-CE9906
Excel: Beyond the Basics INFO1-CE9907
Excel: Advanced Tools and Techniques INFO1-CE9902
Statistical Foundations of Data Visualization
Data Visualization for Business DATA1-CE9006
Web Front-End: Foundations (Full Stack Web Development) INFO1-CE9764
User Experience (UX) Design I UXDX1-CE9002
Financial Accounting ACCT1-CE8101
Event Budgeting and Financial Management
True Leadership: Managing Yourself and Others
Math Review for GRE/GMAT TPGP1-CE9131
GRE Preparation TPGP1-CE9115