Professional Development

NYU's Office of Talent, Learning, and Organizational Development offers professional development programs and resources to help you succeed in your role and advance in your career. We also provide customized services and training that address specific needs of schools and units.

Mindset, Knowledge, and Skills

Programs address the three interlocking components of professional growth at NYU – mindset, knowledge, and skills:

  • the mindset that honors NYU values and fosters growth
  • the knowledge you are expected to master in your role
  • the skills that enable you to perform your responsibilities effectively

In-person workshops include helpful frameworks and research findings, time for reflection, group and peer discussions, skill practice, and action planning.

70-20-10 Formula

Most people develop new skills through a combination of on-the-job learning, interactions with others, and formal training. We recommend using the 70-20-10 formula when planning your development:

Professional Development

70% On-the-Job Experiences

Consider taking on challenging assignments, participating on project teams, or shadowing a colleague.

Professional Development

20% – Interactions with Others

Seek out coaching, mentoring, and ongoing feedback from your supervisor, clients, and coworkers.

Professional Development

10% – Formal Training

Explore classroom and online training, conferences, and other options available via NYUiLearn and across NYU.