Advance Your Career

There are two basic ways to advance your career at NYU:

  1. Explore opportunities in your current school/unit: If you want to explore opportunities within your current area, be sure to let your supervisor know that you are ready to take on additional responsibilities and learn new skills. As you discuss your interest in advancement with your supervisor, he or she may be able to help you focus on your long-term career goals and direct you to resources that will help you to build your career.
  2. Seek a new position through a transfer to another part of the University: The Transfer Process Policy: The University requires that new employees stay in their present job for at least 12 months of service before applying for a transfer. Employees who do successfully transfer must stay within the new position for at least one year before requesting a second transfer. Applications for all positions are accepted as long as the position remains vacant.
Notice to Office and Clerical and Laboratory and Technical Employees Covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 3882

Notice of all permanent bargaining unit job vacancies shall be posted for five working days before the job is filled on a permanent basis and will include job title, grade, location, and a brief description of the job duties including qualifications and necessary skills. Employees who make application during this five-day period and are qualified will be interviewed for the vacancy first, but the University may then consider candidates from outside the bargaining unit or the University as well.