Tuition Remission (TR) is a valuable NYU benefit offered to you as a full-time, benefits-eligible employee, your spouse or registered domestic partner, and your dependent child. Details for each program are available for download below.  

If you are unfamiliar with Tuition Remission at NYU, we urge you to view the online tutorial available on NYUiLearn: Enroll in LVS 033 - NYU's Tuition Remission Program to launch the online tutorial, which will walk you through the process at NYU, including eligibility, the online application process, and the tax implications of using Tuition Remission. The program also includes FAQs and links to important additional documentation.

Employee Programs

The following plans cover all regular, full-time Local 1, Local 153, Local 810, Local 3882, and non-union service staff employees:

Tuition Remission Taxation

For graduate courses taken by employees over the amount of $5,250, the Federal government requires New York University to withhold taxes on the value of tuition remission benefits. All graduate tuition remission benefits for an eligible legal Spouse or registered Domestic Partner is fully taxable to you from the first dollar. For the payroll processing calendar, view the taxable tuition remission schedule.

Fall Term Tax Loan Program

The University understands that additional tax withholding may cause financial hardship, particularly in the fall term when there are fewer paychecks to collect tuition remission taxation. To ease the financial impact, NYU offers a tuition remission tax loan of approximately 50% of the estimated withholding tax on the value of the graduate courses taken in the fall under the tuition remission program for monthly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly paid employees. The loan will be repaid through deductions from your January and February paychecks. If you qualify, your Human Resources Officer or Business Partner will contact you in the fall to notify you of your eligibility. Participation in the loan program is encouraged but voluntary.

Statement of Job-Relatedness

Employees are not taxed on the value of approved job-related graduate courses taken under the NYU Employee Graduate Tuition Remission Benefit Plan. If you are receiving job-related tuition remission and submitting a Statement of Job Relatedness via the tuition remission card on NYUHome, ensure that it is completed and submitted to the Office of the Bursar at least two weeks before the close of your pay period prior to taxation in that term to avoid taxation. Tax reimbursements through Payroll cannot be guaranteed if the form is submitted after taxation has started for that term.

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Dependent Child Programs

The following plans cover eligible dependent child(ren) of all regular, full-time Local 1, Local 153, Local 810, Local 3882, and non-union service staff employees:

Spouse / Domestic Partner Programs

The following plans cover the eligible legal Spouse or registered Domestic Partner of all regular, full-time Local 1, Local 153, Local 810, Local 3882, and non-union service staff employees.

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Apply via the Tuition Remission System on NYU Home

  • After initial course registration, login to NYUHome
  • Go to the Work page
  • Click "Go" on the Tuition Remission card
  • Follow the steps to submit the Tuition Remission application

Note: You will need to allow at least one business day after registration before applying for Tuition Remission.