Mechanics, Building Engineers, & Locksmiths (Local 810)

Full-time Mechanics, Building Engineers, & Locksmiths (Local 810), may choose from several plans of health coverage, including a High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Account. Additionally, you may enroll in the dental and vision plans, and have access to retirement plans, disability and life insurance, commuter plans, and more. You may also be eligible for tuition benefits for yourself and your dependents. Coverage depends on your full-time employee classification, so navigate the menu of benefits for more information.

In addition to your Benefits Guide, please consult the benefits Legal Notices, which includes Retirement Plan Annual Notices and other important legal notices.

The information in the Benefits Guide only highlights your employee benefits. More complete details and important exclusions can be found in the Summary Plan Descriptions, which are available within the Guide. The official Plan documents contain all the plan details and legally govern their operation. The official Plan documents will govern in the event of any conflict with the information in the Guide. The University reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate the benefit plans at any time.