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International Partners in Health

Excerpted from Global Health Nexus, Spring 2005

A Visit from the President of the FDI World Dental Federation

A Warm Welcome from Korean Implant Program Alumni

From Infection Control and Ergonomics to ESL: Seeking a Common Language

A Post-Jamaican Outreach Survey Asks Students to Assess its Educational Value

NYUCD Participates in International Dental Hygiene Week

Fall '04

The Hungarian Connection-Dr. Andrew Spielman and Dr. Tivadar Zelles

Dr. Stanley N. Turetzky in Thailand to Honor NYUCD Dental Alum

New Initiative Will Allow Indian Dental Students to Complete Their Clinical Requirements at NYUCD

Visiting Brazilian Researchers Benefit from New NYUCD Technologies

An Inside Look at New European Hygiene Education Model

A Visit by the Tanzanian Ambassador

Winter '04

Customized Continuing Education Courses Lure Brazilian Orthodontists

Korean Implant Program Alumni Stay Connected through Continuing Education
Creating Oral Cancer Interventions among Immigrant Populations: A Focus on South Asian Immigrants

Return to Tanzania

Summer '03

International Perspectives on Advanced Study at NYUCD:
An Italian Dentist Looks Back Over the Past Four Years

Learning More Than Dentistry as an Advanced Study Student

Caribbean Outreach

A Spring Break With a Difference: NYUCD Students and Faculty Set Up Free Clinic in Honduras

Live From New York: NYUCD Broadcasts First Dental Videoconference to Saudi Arabia

A Visit to Guyana Inspires a How-to Guide for Dentists in Remote Regions

The Oral Health System Next Door: A First-Hand Look at Dental Care in Cuba

Winter '03

The NYUCD-UPRSD Connection

Our Man in Puerto Rico: Dr. Walter Psoter

International Research Collaborations: Working Together to Find Solutions to Global Health Problems

Globetrotters: NYUCD Faculty Engaged in International Collaborations