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Faculty Information

Patricia M. A. Corby, DDS, MS
Associate Director, Bluestone Center for Clinical Research
Assistant Professor

Periodontology and Implant Dentistry
Room 231W Dental Center, 421 First Avenue
Fax: 212-995-4843



  • Post-Doctoral, Molecular Biology & Microbial Genetics, Harvard Dental School & ForsythInstitute, Boston, MA.
  • Master of Science, Biomedical Informatics, Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Specialty, Periodontics and Implants, Instituto de Ciências Saúde da Universidade Paulista, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
  • D.D.S., Dentistry, Fundação Tricordiana de Educação, Três Corações-MG, Brazil.


Research Interests / Professional Overview:

Dr. Patricia Corby is the Associate Director of the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research at New York University and an Assistant Professor of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at the NYU College of Dentistry. Since joining Bluestone in 2007, Dr. Corby has led all Clinical Research Operations, both dental and medical, for phase I-IV trials. In this capacity she oversees finance and directs administration, clinical operations, quality control, staffing, recruiting/training/development and strategy for Bluestone. Dr. Corby reviews and approves (and often designs) all new research studies. She is responsible for establishing Bluestone’s research budget as well as leading all research contract negotiation with sponsors and budget development for each discrete clinical trial.

            Dr. Corby and the Bluestone team of 25 professionals, manage on average 20 clinical trials per year. Dr. Corby is also Bluestone’s primary interface with its key stakeholders/partners and counterparty’s including; the research arm of the NYU Medical Center and the NYU Clinical Trials Office; all Principal Investigators with trials in Bluestone; regulatory agencies (regarding matters relating to compliance with best practices of clinical trial process and adherence with patient safety protocols). Dr. Corby is also the primary relationship manager with all corporate, governmental and private research sponsors.

            Dr. Corby’s personally conducts clinical trials as well, often as a Principal Investigator. Examples of her recent research includes understanding the bidirectional relationship between periodontal disease and systemic conditions. Additionally, Dr. Corby has conducted studies using the “twin model” approach to elucidate the role of genetic and environmental factors to oral and infectious systemic diseases. She is also leading the development of novel oral health treatments for cancer patients undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy. Her research experience is international and includes on-going projects in Portugal, Brazil and Africa.  Dr. Corby also leads a mentorship practicum in clinical research for Masters and Post-Doctoral students.


Current Funding:

Oral Care Protocol for the Management of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy-Induced Oral Mucositis. This study explores new ways of preserving oral health in cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemoradiation.  

Biomarkers of Periodontal Disease Progression: This study explores the best combination of sub gingival microbial species and/or oral fluid biomarkers that will result in both sensitive and specific site- and subject-specific tests for periodontal disease activity.

 The Role of Proteases and Peptides in Cancer PainThis study explores the repertoire of peptides and proteases that produces pain in the cancer microenvironment of oral cancer patients. The study defines and manipulates protease-mediated peptide nociceptive pathways in oral squamous carcinomas co –culture systems. 




Representative Publications: