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Faculty Information

John L Ricci, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Biomaterials and Biomimetics
Room 815S Dental Center, 421 First Avenue



1977 B.S., Muhlenberg College
1984 Ph.D., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey


Research Interests / Professional Overview:

Current projects include development of controlled microtexture surfaces for dental implants that promote bone, connective tissue, and epithelial attachment. The laser micromachined surface of the LaserLokT implant, produced by BioLok International is one of these projects, and additional surfaces are under development. These surfaces are also being applied to other transcutaneous implants that will be used for support of bone conduction hearing aids and prosthetics used for amputees. A timed-release calcium sulfate (CS-TR) composite bone graft substitute, comprising combinations of calcium sulfate and poly-L-lactic acid, is another project currently under development and testing. This material will be used in place of autogenous bone grafts for repair of craniofacial bone defects. Dr. Ricci is also working on development of three-dimensionally printed scaffolds, consisting of permanent and resorbable biomaterials, for replacement and regeneration of craniofacial bone and soft tissue structures. He is also actively researching new methodologies for analysis and imaging of bone and soft tissue structure, and the interface between tissues and biomaterials.


Current Funding:

Use of Enamel Matrix Proteins to Induce a Cementum Seal After Endodontic Therapy - NYUCD Deans Faculty Research Award.

Multiphasic Calcium Sulfate Bone Repair Material - NIH


Pub Med Articles:

Ricci JL


Representative Publications:

Books, Book Chapters, and Proceedings

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