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Faculty Information

Asgeir Sigurdsson, DDS, MS
Chair and Associate Professor
Room 712 Dental Center, 421 First Avenue
Fax: 212-995-4834



1988, DDS, University of Iceland Faculty of Dentistry

1992, Certificate in Endodontics, University of North Carolina at Chapel hill

1992, M.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Research Interests / Professional Overview:

Dental Trauma, treatment options and prevention. 

Pain,  pain perception and modulation, acute and chronic pain.

Endodontics; diagnosis, treatment and outcome. 



Pub Med Articles:

Sigurdsson, A


Representative Publications:

Sigurdsson A, Maixner W. Effects of experimental noxious stimulation on pain perception in patients suffering from acute toothache. Pain 1994;57:265-75.

Hollins M, Sigurdsson A. Vibrotactile amplitude and frequency discrimination in temporomandibular disorders.  Pain 1998;75:59-67.

Hancock HH, Sigurdsson A, Trope M, Moiseiwitsch J. Bacteria isolated after unsuccessful endodontic treatment in a North American population. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Patholo 2001;91:579-86.

LaBella C, Smith BW, Sigurdsson A. Effect of Mouthguards on Dental Injuries and Concussions in College Basketball. Med Sci Sport Exerc. 2002:34:41-44. 

Card SJ, Sigurdsson A, Orstavik D, Trope M. The Effectiveness of Increased Apical Enlargement in Reducing Intracanal Bacteria. J. Endodon 2002;28:779-83.

Chaisin-Chattipakorn S, Sigurdsson A, Light AR, Narhi M,  Maixner W. Trigeminal c-Fos expression and behavioral responses to pulpal inflammation in ferrets. Pain 2002;99:61-9.

Booher MA, Wisniewski J, Smith BW, Sigurdsson A. Underreporting of Concussions in Division I Collegiate Football. Clin J Sport Med 2003;13:93-95 

Sigurdsson A. Pulpal Diagnosis. Endodontic Topics 2003;5:12-25. 

Wisniewski JF, Guskiewicz K, Trope M, Sigurdsson A. Incidence of cerebral concussions associated with type of mouthguard used in college football. Dent Traumatol. 2004;20:143-9.

Diatchenko L, Slade GD, Nackley AG, Bhalang K, Sigurdsson A, Belfer I, Goldman D, Xu K, Shabalina SA, Shagin D, Max MB, Makarov SS, Maixner W. Genetic basis for individual variations in pain perception and the development of a chronic pain condition. Hum Mol Genet.2005;14:135-43.

McGurkin-Smith R, Trope M, Caplan D, Sigurdsson A. Reduction of Intracanal Bacteria Using GT Rotary Instrumentation, 5.25% NaOCl, EDTA, and Ca(OH)2. J Endod. 2005;31:359-363.

Bhalang K, Sigurdsson A, Slade G, Maixner W. Associations Among Four Modalities of Experimental Pain in Woman. J Pain 2005;6:604-11. 

Sigurdsson A. Decoronation as an approach to treat ankylosis in growing children. Pediatr Dent. 2009;31:123-8.