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Faculty Information

Stefanie Russell, D.D.S., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Epidemiology and Health Promotion
Room PAS Dental Center, 421 First Avenue
Fax: 212-995-4608



1987 BA (English Literature, German Literature), Middlebury College
1991 DDS, University of Maryland
1992 Certificate General Practice, University Hospital Stony Brook
1996 MPH, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
1996 Certificate, Periodontology, University of Connecticut
1997 Certificate, Geriatrics, University of Connecticut
2004 PhD (Epidemiology), Yale University


Research Interests / Professional Overview:

Dr. Russell has been on the faculty of NYUCD since 1996, when she came to New York following her training in public health, periodontics and geriatrics at the University of Connecticut Health Center. She was granted a four-year leave of absence in 2000, and returned to NYUCD in 2004 after receiving a PhD in epidemiology from Yale University.

Her primary areas of interest are the oral health of women and the elderly and the relationship between systemic and oral health, including HIV infection and pneumonia. In addition, her areas of research include social determinants of oral health, and predictors of research participation among minorities.
Dr. Russell currently teaches in the undergraduate dental clinics, and lectures extensively on topics related to the epidemiology of periodontal disease to the dental and dental hygiene students. In addition, she is course director for Review of Clinical Trial Protocols for the MS in Clinical Research Program and serves as Director of the Summer Research Program for incoming Dental and Nursing Students.


Current Funding:

6/1/10 - 5/31/11
NYU College of Dentistry Dean's Award; "Oral Health of Pregnant Women"
Role: Principal Investigator

7/1/08 - 6/31/12   

NIDCR/NIH (T32); "The NYU T32 Comprehensive Oral Health Research Training Program"
PI: Ralph Katz
Role: Associate Director, Predoctoral Program and Research Mentor

5/1/10 - 6/31/11
United Hospital Fund; "Increasing Older Adults' Access to Oral Health Care"
PI: Donna Shelley
Role: Co-Investigator


Pub Med Articles:

Russell SL


Representative Publications:

Li Y, Ge Y, Russell SL, Jean-Charles G, Katz RV, Psoter WJ. Detection and quantification of Streptococci mutans and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans in Haitian adolescents. (In press, Clinical Oral Investigations, 2010)

Russell SL, Fulmer T, Valenti M, Singh G, Vermula R, Strauss S. Screening for Elder Mistreatment in Dental Clinics. (In press, Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, 2010)

Fulmer T, Strauss S, Russell SL, Singh G, Blankenship J, Vermula R, Caceres B, Valenti M. Screening for Elder Mistreatment in Dental and Medical Clinics. (In press, Gerodontology, 2010)

Russell SL, Ickovics J, Yaffee R. Parity and Dental Caries in American Women. Journal of Dental Research, first published on July 14, 2010 as doi: 10.1177/0022034510375282

Russell SL, Psoter WJ, Jean-Charles G, Prophte SE, Gebrian BJ. Protein Energy Malnutrition During Early Childhood and Periodontal Disease in the Permanent Dentition of Haitian Adolescents Aged 12-19 Years: a Retrospective Cohort Study. International Journal of Pediatric Dentistry 20: 222-29, 2010

Kressin NR, Manze M, Russell SL, Katz RV,  Claudio C, Green BL, Wang MQ. Attitudinal and Socio-demographic Factors Associated with Self-Reported Willingness to Have Cancer Screening. Journal of the National Medical Association 102(3):219-27, 2010

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Strauss SM, Russell SL, Wheeler AJ, Norman R, Borrell LN, Rindskopf D. The Periodontal Office Visit as a Potential Opportunity for Diabetes Screening: An Analysis Using NHANES 2003-2004 Data. Journal of Public Health Dentistry, Published Online: Dec 11 2009 3:11PM, DOI: 10.1111/j.1752-7325.2009.00157

Katz RV, Green BL, PhD, Kressin NR, Claudio C, Wang MQ, Russell SL.  Exploring the ‘legacy' of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: a follow-up study from the Tuskegee Legacy Project.  Journal of the National Medical Association, 101(2):179-83, 2009

Strauss SM, Wheeler AJ, Russell SL, Brodsky A, Davidson RM, Gluzman R, Li L, Malo RG, Salis B, Schoor R, Tzvetkova K. The Potential Use of Gingival Crevicular Blood for Measuring Glucose to Screen for Diabetes: An Examination Based on Characteristics of the Blood Collection Site. Journal of Periodontology, 80(6):907-914, 2009

Russell SL, Katz RV,  Kressin NR, Green BL, Wang MQ, Claudio C and Tzvetkova K.  Beliefs of Women's Risk as Research Subjects and Relationship to Knowledge of DES and Thalidomide: Differences by Sex and by Race/Ethnicity.  Journal of Women's Health 18(2):235-43, 2009

Katz RV, Claudio C, Kressin NR  Green BL, Wang MQ, Russell SL. Willingness to Participate in Cancer Screenings: Blacks vs. Whites vs. Puerto Rican Hispanics  in the 3-City Cancer Screening Study. Cancer Control 15(4)334-343, 2008

Katz RV, Wang, MQ, Green BL, Kressin NR, Claudio C, Russell SL, Sommerville, C. Participation in Biomedical Research Studies and Cancer Screenings: Perceptions of Risks to Minorities Compared to Whites in 7 U.S. Cities across 2 Surveys. Cancer Control  15(4):344-361, 2008

Katz RV, Green BL, Kressin NR, Kegeles SS, Wang, MQ, James SA, Russell SL, Claudio C, McCallum J, The Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Its Impact on Willingness to Participate in Biomedical Research Studies. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 19(4):1168-80, 2008

Russell SL, Ickovics J, Yaffee R. Parity and Tooth Loss: Exploring Potential Pathways in American Women. American Journal of Public Health 98(7):1263-1270, 2008

Katz RV,  Kegeles SS, Kressin NR, James SA, Green BL, Wang MQ, Russell SL, Claudio C.  Awareness of the USPHS Syphilis Study at Tuskegee and the U.S. Presidential Apology and Their   Influence on Minority Participation in Biomedical Research.  American Journal of Public Health 98(6):1137-1147, 2008  

Russell SL, Mayberry L. Pregnancy & Oral Health: A Review &  Recommendations to Reduce Gaps in Practice &  Research. MCN - American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing 33(1): 32-37, 2008

Katz RV, Green BL, Kressin NR, Claudio C, Wang MQ, Russell SL. Willingness of Minorities to Participate in Biomedical Studies: confirmatory findings from a follow-up study using the Tuskegee Legacy Project Questionnaire. Journal of the National Medical Association 99 (9): 1050-62, 2007

Claudio C,  Katz RV,  Green BL, Kressin NR, Wang MQ, Russell SL. Cancer-Screening Participation: Comparative Willingness of San Juan Puerto Ricans vs. New York City Puerto Ricans. Journal of the National Medical Association  99(5):542-49, 2007

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