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September Edition
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This Parent e-Newsletter is published monthly during the academic year for parents of current New York University undergraduate students studying in New York by the NYU Center for Student Life.






Welcome back returning Parents and welcome new Parents! The NYU Parent Newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter produced by the Center for Student Life to provide parents with important deadlines and information. This newsletter is distributed to parents of students from first-year to senior year, and serves to supplement the NYU Parents website which has numerous resources available to you and your student. Be sure to check the website regularly for calendars, contact information, and neighborhood resources. As you read through the information below, please let us know of any suggestions for future editions.

This month's topics include important dates for the Fall semester, information about meal plans, roommate relations, religious observance policy, planning for breaks, Parents Day, voter registration, emergency communications, access to student information, and ways to stay connected with what's happening at NYU. As always, if we can be of assistance, our contact information is located at the bottom of this newsletter.

 -- David Vogelsang, Executive Director 

September Deadlines for New York

Meal Plans

At NYU we believe that Campus Dining is an integral part of the campus life experience. Our dining program makes it easy for your son or daughter to eat a well-balanced meal while socializing with new friends and classmates. Now is a good time for your student to evaluate the number of meals they will likely eat during the week and make any necessary adjustments. Changes can be made to meal plans by student through September 17 by visiting the nyu.edu/dining webpage and clicking on "Sign Up for Meal Plans". A downloadable PDF of the NYU Eats Dining Guide is also available with additional information and important dates.

Access to Student Information

There are several services in which students may provide parents (or other guests) with access to view their student information -- such as tuition bills, Campus Cash, dining balances, grades, emergency contact information and more.  Click on the options below to request access:

  • Electronic Suite - For financial account information on such things as tuition statements, account balances, and electronic payments towards a student's account balance.
  • Albert Mobile - For guest access to student information such as grades, address information, class schedules, transcripts and more.
  • Dining and Campus Cash - To make deposits to Campus Cash or Dining Dollars, as well as view account information.

For access to health related information, the Student Health Center must obtain your student's written authorization before using or disclosing personal health information, unless there is a serious or imminent threat to the health and safety of the student or others.  Click here for related information and forms.

Roommate Relations

Living with a roommate can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a student's college career, often resulting in life-long friendships. However, at times, it can have its challenges - especially for so many students who may have grown up having their own space. The Department of Residential Life and Housing Services has provided a Roommate Connections Handbook (PDF) which contains useful information on developing positive relationships, as well as other resources should conflict arise between students -- read more. Students have also been educated about strategies to help them negotiate a positive living environment through an initiative called THRIVE. If you have questions or concerns, professional staff are also available within each hall. Visit your student's residence hall web page for a list of contacts by building.

Religious Holidays & Class Attendance

The Parent Helpline often receives calls about student attendance around religious holidays. We value the diversity of our students and their beliefs, however, New York University, as a nonsectarian institution, adheres to the general policy of including in its official calendar only certain legal holidays. It has also long been University policy that members of any religious group may, without penalty, absent themselves from classes when compliance with their religious obligations requires it. Please refer to the University Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays to assist your student.

NYU StudentLink Center

The StudentLink Center is NYU's approach to student services. Our counselors are trained professionals who can answer questions from a cross-disciplinary approach. Instead of asking multiple people in multiple places, ask us once - visit www.nyu.edu/studentlink.

Parents Day, October 26

Parents of new first year and transfer students, as well as our parents of students transitioning from abroad sites, are invited to attend this one-day program. The day begins with a morning academic session hosted by the undergraduate school or program in which your student attends, followed by afternoon workshops, and concludes with a reception hosted by NYU President Andy Hamilton. Registration will open by September 20, however you may sign-up for a reminder email on the Parents Day web page. You will be notified when registration opens for the day's events.

Registering to Vote

For many students, this is the first time they are eligible to vote. We encourage students to take part by registering to vote -- whether it be in NYC or in their home state. Information about registering locally and/or voting absentee is available on our NYU Votes webpage.

Fraternity Life at NYU

We are excited that many of our students are interested in joining one of our fraternities on campus. This decision to join is a commitment to an organization that espouses values and high ideals to improve their development and enhance their undergraduate experience. As your student considers membership please have them review an email we will be sending that discusses underground or unrecognized fraternities. Read more (PDF) >>.

Emergencies and Preparedness

The Department of Public Safety is committed to fostering a more resilient community to ensure our students, faculty and staff are informed, prepared, and protected while pursuing their endeavors throughout the world. We encourage students to download the Safe NYU Mobile app so that they receive timely communications from the University. We also encourage the University Community, including parents, to follow NYU on Facebook or Twitter.

During emergency and non-emergency situations, assistance is available through the Department of Public Safety Command Center, 24 hours, seven days a week. Be sure to add 212.998.2222 to your contact list and visit www.nyu.edu/public-safety.

Also note that the Wellness Exchange has professional counselors available 24/7 to assist students who are in crisis or just need to talk. Counselors are a great resource for parents should you need some advice on helping your student. Call 212-443-9999. Both numbers are located on the back of all student ID cards.

Note that the NYU Parents Helpline is not an emergency call number is only answered during weekday business hours.

Planning for Breaks

We understand the importance of advance planning for travel, especially during class breaks. Below is a list of class breaks for New York. As a reminder, residence halls remain open during all breaks.

  • October 14: Fall Recess (one day) -- No classes for students. University offices open.
  • November 27-29: Thanksgiving Recess -- No Classes. University offices will be open on Wednesday and closed on Thursday and Friday.
  • December 16-20: Fall exam period*
  • December 21: Winter Recess begins and continues until the start of the Spring Term (January 27, 2020) for students not enrolled in the optional January Term (January 6-24, 2020).
  • For other important dates, visit NYU StudentLink or view the official Academic Calendar
  • For calendars at NYU Global Academic Centers, click for a listing by location >>

* Students should also check their course syllabus or consult with their professor to confirm exam schedules as some classes may finish prior to exam week -- click for the exam schedule..

Staying Connected

New York University is a big place, with a number of communications that are available online to help you stay informed. Besides the Parent e-Newsletter, the "Staying Connected" page is a great place to find communications by NYU President Andrew Hamilton, NYU In-the-News or social media.

University Calendars

The University Academic Calendar provides all relevant holidays, breaks, graduation, school start/end dates, as well as class registration and bill payment dates through the Summer of 2021. Similar dates are also available for our international centers.

Discount Hotels

Whether you're planning a visit for Parents Day or any other day, NYU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions has partnered with a number of hotels to offer our guests year-round discounted rates for their stay while visiting New York City. A list of hotels are available on the Hotel Discount page.

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