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Resolution on Liberal Studies Representation

WHEREAS, Liberal Studies is an academic unit under the umbrella of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, comprised of two sub-programs: the two-year Core Program, the FYA program, and the four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Liberal Studies.


WHEREAS, the College of Arts and Science and the Graduate School of Arts and Science both fall under the umbrella of Faculty of Arts and Sciences and have permanent representation in both the Student Senator Council and University Senate.


WHEREAS, Liberal Studies hosts a large student population (approximately 2617 students), and has the second largest entering class each year followed by the College of Arts and Sciences.[1]


WHEREAS, the Student Senator’s Council states its purpose as to “consider any matters in which the interests, needs, rights, or responsibilities of students are involved, and will take special responsibility for bringing to the attention of the Senate all matters concerning students at the University.”[2]


WHEREAS, the creation of a permanent Liberal Studies School Senator position is imperative to represent a large constituency that would otherwise remain underrepresented.


WHEREAS, there is no mention of Liberal Studies in the New York University Bylaws.


WHEREAS, students within Liberal Studies are members of the NYU student body and should have the same rights of representation as other students within the University community and participate in student governance on equal footing with other students.


WHEREAS, students of Liberal Studies contribute to the New York University’s academic discourse, reputation,  and future alumni bodies, warranting equitable and formal representation in University decision making bodies.


WHEREAS, Liberal Studies is currently only allocated a voting position on the University Senate through the allocation of one Senator At-Large seat, which does not reflect Liberal Studies’ status as belonging to a particular academic unit and, as such, is relatively insecure.


WHEREAS, Senator At-large positions are intended to provide representation for students whose interests may not be properly represented across the university.


WHEREAS, the allocation of one of these seats to Liberal Studies does not reflect Liberal Studies status as students of a particular academic unit with specific needs and interests.


WHEREAS, Liberal Studies is allocated a seat on University Senate by depriving an underrepresented constituency a Senator At-Large position because Liberal Studies is not rightfully allocated a permanent School Senator seat as a distinct academic unit.


WHEREAS, Liberal Studies is overseen by a Dean as described in Chapter IX Clause 74 Subclause A:


In cases where two or more schools are governed by a single faculty, a dean may be appointed for each of such colleges or schools by the Board on the recommendation of the President and Chancellor with such authority and responsibility as will be assigned by the President and Chancellor on the recommendation of the Provost,


thereby providing legitimacy to for Liberal Studies students to be guaranteed equal representation as other academic units under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  


WHEREAS, as per Chapter VIII, Clause 68, Subclause B of the University Bylaws


Members. The Student Senators Council will consist of not more than thirty-seven members. There will be twenty-three regular student Senators, elected as follows: two from each of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and the Tisch School of the Arts; and one from each of the other colleges and schools and each of the Abu Dhabi and Shanghai portal campuses, except that for this purpose the School of Medicine and the Post-Graduate Medical School will be considered one school. There will be in addition not more than fourteen student Senators appointed at large by the Executive Committee of the Senate in accordance with the rules of procedure adopted by the Senate. The name of every student Senator should be transmitted to the Secretary of the Senate within five days of the University

Commencement in May. Should no Student Senator be elected from a college, school or portal campus by the date of the October meeting of the Senate, the dean of that college.


WHEREAS, we interpret “one from each of the other colleges and schools” of the above, as other academic units at New York University and as such denying Liberal Studies a Permanent Student Senator position is not in accordance of the University Senate Bylaws.


 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the New York University Senate Bylaws and Rules of Procedures be amended to instate a permanent school senator position for Liberal Studies.


FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that the University Senate Rules of Procedures and Bylaws be amended to reflect the changes to remove the allocation of the Liberal Studies position as a Senator at Large seat to allocate said seat to an underrepresented constituency at NYU.


FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that the Liberal Studies Student Council amend and be given the discretion to create by-laws of its within their own constitution for the purposes of electing the proposed Student Senator position.




[1] According to LS Student Advising databases

[2]  New York University Bylaws: Chapter VIII, 68, Sub point A: