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TO: The University Body

RE: White Nationalist Flyers in University Buildings

On September 27th, flyers promoting a national White Nationalist organization were found by students and staff of the university in Kimmel Center. This organization espouses White Supremacist, Anti-Semitic, and European Imperialist beliefs. Following social media posts on that day by the organization in question and a well known international fascist speaker on September 28th and September 29th, it was revealed that an event was held in Kimmel on September 26th by a third party reservation and not a student group in any capacity. Should a student or students be found to be involved formally by Public Safety or any university officials, that procedure would be handled by Student Misconduct.

This organization is not a recognized club at NYU and these flyers violate our various posting policies on campus - the posters have been removed. Moreover, this organization's history, philosophy, and activities as a white supremacist group, designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, are contemptible and at odds with everything NYU stands for.

To quote in part a Memorandum to the Senate Executive Committee from Marlon Lynch, Vice President for Global Campus Safety, Owen Moore, Assistant Vice President for Campus Services, and Marc Wais, Sr. Vice President for Student Affairs:

[...] Before we begin, let us reiterate the University's position on white supremacist, Nazi, and similar philosophies and activities: they are vile, worthy of our condemnation, and at odds with our campus' values.[...]

The heart of the issue is how this event came to be held in Kimmel.

Kimmel's principal purpose is to provide space for NYU or NYU-sponsored activities.  Kimmel hosts about 52,000 events per year, the vast majority of which are NYU-affiliated.  A fraction of the time, there is no NYU-related purpose for a room in Kimmel; in those rare instances, the room may be rented by a 3rd party group unaffiliated with the University.

Effective immediately, we will eliminate a repeat of this kind of occurrence by limiting the rental of rooms in Kimmel exclusively to NYU-affiliated groups and individuals.  Within the next 24-48 hours, we will post  the following language on the relevant NYU web pages to reflect this:

Event spaces in the Kimmel Center and the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life are intended for University events and events sponsored by University community members, organizations, programs, and offices. Space will not be rented to organizations or individuals without a University affiliation or sponsorship.


Space requests for individual members of the NYU community hosting private social events (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.) will also continue to be considered. An active NYU ID or alumni card is required, and availability will typically be limited to non-peak academic periods.  Please complete the inquiry form for more information.

Clients booking space at NYU are required to sign a reservation contract and provide a certificate of insurance (COI).

The Skirball Center for the Performing Arts requirements and guidelines are available here.

Please feel free to email us at student.government@nyu.edu or Marlon Lynch, Vice President of Global Public Safety, at m.lynch@nyu.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

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