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September 28 2017



President Andrew Hamilton

70 Washington Square South

Room 1216

New York, New York 10012



Sabrina Ellis, Vice President for Human Resources

Sandy Dubin, Associate General Counsel and Director of Labor Relations


Dear President Hamilton,

As the representatives of the student body, we are writing to you about NYU's "other" affordability crisis. Members of the Union of Clerical, Administrative, and Technical Staff (UCATS) at NYU have had their wages suppressed by NYU for too long. While the cost of living in New York City skyrockets and NYU asks for more employee benefit contributions, wages have simply not kept up. This is unacceptable.

We believe decent pay and benefits for the more than 1,350 employees represented by UCATS will not drive up the cost of tuition. We understand that the salary and benefits UCATS receives consists of less than 1% of NYU's budget.

Further, many of our student constituents are UCATS members themselves. Nearly 20% of UCATS members are currently enrolled students, and at least 20% more are alumni. With a membership that's two-thirds women and over 60% people of color, UCATS is also the most diverse entity on campus. We implore you to make NYU's support for diversity a concrete reality.

We appreciate your efforts to make NYU more affordable for students. We especially applaud your decision to raise student worker pay by 40% over the last year. That's why we're hopeful that you and your appointed negotiating team will do the right thing and settle a fair contract with your clerical, administrative, and technical employees represented by UCATS. The student body stands with them. It's time to make NYU affordable for all of us.

Fact Sheet

UCATS’ current contract can be accessed here: http://ucats3882.org/wp-content/themes/union/assets/files/local3882-2011-2017.pdf



Salaries amounting to less than 1% of NYU’s budget: