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Student Government Assembly Agenda

November 2nd, 2017

Juan Calero, SGA Chair

Tamara Cesaretti, SSC Vice Chair

Rachel Law, Global Vice Chair

Max Pau, PC Vice Chair

Called to order: 4:10 pm

Quorum met

  1. Welcome
  1. Guests
  1. Nana Apraku 1831 Fund Chair
  2. Sam Rasken for NYU Local
  3. David Vogelsin for Pascha
  4. Yishen SAB
  1. Alternates
  1. Moosan for Ghania
  2. Michael for Asiya
  3. Parbs Anant for Bill
  4. Charles for Natalie Sachmechi
  5. Dylan voting for Jack
  6. Ryan for Joseph
  7. Annie for Frank
  8. Celine for Jaylan
  9. Marissa for Lauren PanHellenic
  10. Sophia for Harry
  11. Wendy for Matthew
  12. Sarna for Genesis
  1. Approval of the Minutes
  1. Approved
  1. Bylaws and Robert’s Rules
  1. Presentation/Q&A by Director Pascha McTyson
  1. Updates from Senior Vice President Marc Wais of the Office of Student Affairs
  1. He has fallen ill and is unable to attend this meeting
  1. Executive Committee Updates
  1. Campus Climate survey working group is being created and edited
  1. Between everything that everyone had said they wanted to do or were planning on doing, the total came out to be $30,000; They’re working out a number on what they actually can do; Hopefully will have a # by tomorrow or early next week
  1. Bobst resolution: brought up and Bobst foundation said no; one of the people on the committee is Richard Nixon’s daughter (who is in favor of renaming Bobst)
  2. Liberal studies resolution : Brought up in University Senate; Gave to SCOG, as we had wanted
  3. We’ve been hearing that students should not have as much a hand in school policy, etc., and we are working on dealing with that feedback but it would be advantageous for us all to make an active effort to talk to the admin we are in contact to, as this thought likely comes from a lot of misunderstanding as to the role of what we do.
  4. Dear World:
  1. Updates from Matt
  1. Updates from University Senate Committees
  2. Updates from University Wide Committees
  1. Student Conduct: Need more people in attendance because they aren’t listening and aren’t honoring the recommendations
  1. They need our votes to get it passed in University Senate
  2. Next meeting: Thursday, November 9th at 4:30 pm, in 726 Broadway on the 7th floor (turn left and keep going until you find them)
  1. Student Success: If there are any other committees that want to work with them re: student retention, etc., please reach out.
  1. Email Selam or Bernie
  1. Updates from Student Government Committees
  2. Old Business
  1. Student Government Assembly Bylaws Draft
  1. Questions?
  1. None presented
  1. Motioned to vote
  1. Bylaws approved
  1. New Business - motioned and approved to move following Exec Committee updates
  1. Presentation on 1831 Fund by President Nad A. and 1831 Committee Chair Nana A.
  1. 1831: a student run organization that fundraises for scholarships awarded to incoming first-years
  2. Last year raised over $51, 000
  3. Competition Logistics:
  1. A competition to engage everyone the culture of giving at NYU, 100% of the donations go to scholarships
  1. Timeline:

        The school competition will begin this semester and continue into the Spring

  1. Launch on Giving Tuesday - November 28th
  2. Soft Spring Launch: 100 Nights - February 8*
  3. 1st Winner: All-U Games -  February 20
  4. Final Winner: NYU One Day - March 22
  1. Execution in each school:
  2. Q&A:
  1. Scholarships are given out by need, as determined by the Office of Student Affairs
  1. Recommendations:
  1. To attach faces and stories to this campaign, so that it’s not just misknown/unknown as an NYU body asking for more money, etc.
  1. Presentation on University waste by Senator Edin T. and the Office of Sustainability
  1. Mission: Empower, inspire, and guide the NYU community to enact sustainable practices and behaviors in the ways we live, operate, and innovate
  2. Focus Areas:
  1. Energy
  2. Waste
  3. Water
  4. Built Environment
  5. Landscaping
  6. Purchasing
  7. Transportation
  8. Food
  9. Innovation
  10. Social and Cultural
  1. Graphic of business as usual vs NYU with Climate Action Plan
  2. Sustainability Programs:
  1. Sustainability Task Force
  2. Eco Reps
  3. Green Grants
  4. Bike Share
  5. Sustainability Advocates
  1. Where does waste go?
  1. Common waste disposal methods:
  1. Landfill
  2. Recycling
  3. Composting
  4. Technoscap or e-waste
  5. Incineration
  6. Biogassing
  7. dumping
  1. Waste in NYC
  2. Graphic on NY GHG
  3. Another graphic
  4. Zero Waste Week
  1. Zero Waste Challenge Kick-Off
  1. Thurs, 11/9 6:30-8 pm, 5 Washington Place Room 101
  1. Tour of Action Carting
  1. Fri, 11/10 5-7 pm, 740 Broadway
  1. Zero Waste Art Reception
  1. Mon, 11/13 5-7 pm, Kimmel, Commuter Lounge 2nd floor
  1. Zero Waste Challenge Wrap-Up
  1. Thurs, Nov 16 6:30-8 pm, Kimball Hall (246 Greene St)
  1. Q&A:
  1. Email sustainability@nyu.edu to get involved!
  1. Presentation on new NYU Home by Jim Robertson Executive Director of the Digital Communications and Community Applications Group in the Office of Public Affairs and IT
  1. Link presentation[a]
  2. For questions or to get involved, email jim@nyu.edu
  3. Q&A:
  1. There were some questions re: privacy and issues related to queer and trans students who may or may not be out yet.
  1. Privacy: Students can opt out of having their information shared, and if they have opted out on other options, than that can also be noted in the system.
  2. They are still working on some defaults re: queer and trans related issues, but they did fix the bugs that messed with preferred name choice.
  1. Question related to differently abled peoples:
  1. There are links that make this accessible to them, mainly via YouTube, such as[b]
  1. Linking OrgSync to NYUHome (esp. with regards to a calendar of events)
  1. Have heard it from a couple people, so working on making it a reality
  2. Already exporting some OrgSync information onto NYU Calendar
  1. Climate Survey on NYUHome
  1. In some way, they will be helping with that
  1. Motions from the Floor
  1. Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Tuition Waive Resolution
  1. Will be presented in more depth at SSC
  2. Email Akash, Selam, and/or Ati with any questions, or to get involved
  1. Halal food options
  1. Who to contact?
  1. Possibly email Dining Hall director
  1. Or Owen Moore, who oversees that area, or Michael O-Brien, who oversees the Kimmel and Dining Services
  1. ISC is starting a campaign re: saying International Students’ names right
  1. Re: both students and faculty
  2. Email Riddhi who will put you in contact with the person leading this project
  3. Possibly include a phenetic pronunciation under the teacher’s attendance sheet; add it to NYUHome so that it can automatically be downloaded
  4. Reach out to Student Services and ISAC to collab
  1. ISC also doing International photo journalism project
  2. Free Menstrual Products
  1. Only 6 places; slowly building up
  2. Pilot program and need student imput
  3. Will also on Climate Survey
  1. Transportation update?
  1. Will be on it “shortly”
  1. Save the Dates
  1. University Senate November 9th (9 AM)
  1. Senators may invite a guest
  1. Presidents Council November 9th (4 PM)
  2. Student Senators Council November 16th (9 AM)
  3. Presidents Council November 16th (4 PM)
  1. Adjournment

Adjourned: 5:45 pm

SGA Committee Reports

November 2, 2017

Juan Calero, SGA Chair

Tamara Cesaretti, SSC Vice Chair

Rachel Law, Global Vice Chair

Max Pau, Presidents Council Vice Chair

  1. All-University Events
  1. School Senators and Presidents, keep a lookout for an email from Florence Tong regarding your All-University Games team.
  1. Diversity
  1. Diversity committee is working on an initiative to improve the services offered by the Moses center. So if any of you, or anyone you know is willing to share an experience of theirs that highlights the serious need for increase of resources, please contact Christopher Hearn or Fernando Flores-Cabrera.
  2. Christopher Hearn, diversity director, is also trying to connect with each school and constituency to learn about their individual diversity initiatives/councils/positions, etc... and finding out if there's anything that needs to be done to help support or improve them. The initial email was sent out a week ago and only a small few have replied on behalf of their school or constituency. Please reach out to your school or constituency presidents and let them know to have the appropriate people reach out to Christopher.
  1. Health and Wellness
  1. Mental Health Crisis Trainings - If your school or constituency is interested in taking part, please let Brennan O'Rourke (brennan.riley.orouke@nyu.edu) and Asiya Vickers (amv242@nyu.edu) know.
  2. Health and Wellness is planning a Mental Health Arts Festival for the first week of April. Please let Brennan know if you want to help plan it, or if your school or constituencies would be willing to host events for it.
  3. Menstrual Hygiene Products (MHPs) - A compiled list of where MHPs can be found is at this link. https://www.nyu.edu/students/health-and-wellness/student-health-center/health-information/menstrual-health-/menstrual-hygiene-products.html PLEASE, let your constituencies know.
  1. ISAC
  1. ISAC is working with the core team petitioning for increased academic opportunities and exposure related to South Asia at NYU to push for these initiatives. The committee wishes to gain SGA support on the Statement of Interest proposed by this group.
  2. With the Statement of Interest, we aim to demonstrate student interest in increasing study away opportunities in South Asia and establishing relevant academic programs or departments at NYU New York.
  3. Please contact Senator-at-Large Rachel Law (rachel.law@nyu.edu) if you have any questions or feedback.
  1. Student Activities Board
  1. Anyone interested in working on policy writing and hearing grievances should e-mail sab.club@nyu.edu to join our Governance subcommitee!!
  1. Undergraduate Affairs
  1. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee membership will no longer be restricted to presidents only. From today, all senators are invited to attend meetings which are from 3:00pm - 4:00pm on Thursdays. This will be an great opportunity for Senators to play around with programming. If you have any questions or wish to attend, email the chair, Max, at maxy@nyu.edu.