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Student Government Assembly Minutes

October 5, 2017

Juan Calero, SGA Chair

Tamara Cesaretti, SSC Vice Chair

Rachel Law, Global Vice Chair

Max Pau, PC Vice Chair

Quorum: 54

  1. Welcome
  1. Guests
  1. SGA is open so this point n/a
  1. Alternates
  2. Approval of the Minutes
  1. Approved
  1. Bylaws and Robert’s Rules
  1. Updates from Marc Wais, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs
  1. To eliminate no longer allowing third parties to book rooms to help avoid more Nazi flyers
  2. More than 449 students who are permanent residents or take residency in the states and countries hit by these natural disasters have been followed up with with a letter related to their personal experience
  1. Welnnes exchange help
  2. Emergency funding available, if neeed be
  3. Academic accomodations available
  1. Relief effort
  1. Some faculty have had the opportunity to take a 3 week leave to go help in certain areas
  2. Student Govt has worked with SA to create a venmo
  3. Also can donate at Crisis disaster relief NYU
  1. Student Health center in place to screen for depression, suicide prevention, and drug/alcohol abuse - have also added a domestic sexual violance aspect
  2. Now 8 Career fares in the fall - added on campus
  3. Menstrual hygiene - 10 locations in Manhattan adn Brooklyn to pilot it but hae decided to make it peremanent - now 13
  4. Pop up classes inresidence halls, common areas, etc., for student  interest - some such: fitness (with trainer), etc.
  5. GSL affinity group meditation targeting students of color to try to facilitate engagement
  6. Meeting regarding 1831 fund
  1. To get people wanting to contribute:
  1. School-based competition

Some Q&A

  1. No consolidated list of menstrual places yet, but going to get people in student health center to get that out
  2. If run out, facility staff/other staff to be monitoring these
  3. 8 career fairs - none specified for international students
  1. Suggested to talk to global services and/or wassermna (susan.greenbomb@nyu.edu)
  2. Sponsoring visas component for international students
  1. Free food at NYU, among other
  1. Executive Committee Updates
  1. Presentation by Director Pascha McTyson on Robert’s Rules 101
  1. Pascha was unable to come today so this was postponed
  1. Gravity of Committee Participation
  1. At least 2 committees per memebr
  2. Attend all committee meetings
  1. If you cannot attend meetings:
  1. Review the agendas and minutes in the committee Google Drive
  2. Communicate with your committee chair
  3. Complete the remote work your committee assigns to you
  1. No phone and/or laptop use in meetings
  1. Updates from University Senate Committees
  1. Judicial Board committee - they want to have a session to talk with students in regards to the new student conduct policy presentation
  1. Updates from University Wide Committees
  1. None
  1. Updates from Student Government Committees
  1. Academic Affairs
  2. All-University Events
  1. The All-University Events Committee will be hosting a dinner/watch party sponsored by the NY Times with discussion facilitated by the Diversity Committee. Join comedian, writer, and host of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah in speaking with NY Times journalist John Eligon about race and identity in the US. This event will be filmed live in front of a studio audience at Northwestern University. It will take place Sunday, October 15th. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Please share the event on Facebook with your respective councils.
  1. Alumni Relations
  2. Conference Funding
  3. Diversity
  4. Elections Commission
  5. Financial Affairs
  6. Graduate Affairs
  7. Health and Wellness
  8. International Student Affairs
  9. Organization and Governance
  1.  School and organization constitutions
  1. Antonella emailed all Presidents informing them to send her their Constitutions by Friday, October 13th at 12 pm
  2. Have received a handful so far - remember to send these in if you have not already!
  3. If you need help drafting them or have any other questions, please reach out to Antonella
  1. SGA Bylaws
  1. Will be ready to propose by October 5th
  1. Presidents Council Bylaws
  1. Will be created and ready to propose by October 19th
  2. Project led by Jacob Abbott - reach out if you have any suggestions or questions
  1. Public Relations
  1. “Why I Serve Campaign”
  1. The PR Committee is beginning a campaign titled “Why I Serve” where Adela Cojab and Andrea Alva-Araya will be taking pictures of Presidents & Senators holding whiteboards with why they chose to serve. These photos will be taken before or after meetings and will be displayed on the Student Government instagram and website
  1. Website
  1. PR will be updating the website; if there is any information you think needs to be revised or added, please contact Tyla
  1. Site Ambassador
  2. Standards
  3. Student Activities Board
  4. Student Services
  5. Student Success
  6. Student Technology
  1. Old Business
  2. New Business
  1. Ratification of Executive Committee statement regarding Identity Europa flyers
  1. Motion passed to ratify
  1. Public Statement on Fascist Organizing at New York University
  1. Identity Evropa Fact Sheet for reference in materials
  1. Not printed (oops); Please refer to email
  1. This version has post-findings, whereas ours has preliminary ones
  2. Addressing the 0.5% percentage, as 250-300 events is still a lot
  3. Issues raised re: giving name to organization; transparency forfeited for refusing legitimacy to these groups
  1. Public Statement on Las Vegas Massacre
  1. Presentation by Nick Jensen re: the “BobChat”
  1. m.me/nyustudentgov
  2. Takes you to FB Messenger where a conversation will begin
  1. There are buttons making suggestions for potential questions people might have/might be reaching out for
  1. Have component for late night sessions, when a human representative is not available to help
  1. But during regular hours, there is a functionality to make it easier to also get in contact with a human
  1. There is also a feedback portion that people can fill out
  2. Hoping to avoid phone tag, having people be transferred a lot, and/or having people have to wait to get a simple question answered
  3. If you have ideas for more ways they can develop or other questions, please email nick.jensen@nyu.edu
  4. Point of order: Senator Steven Ramdilal
  1. Steven mentions that as per Roberts Rules, to present a motion one says “I Move” rather than “I Motion”
  2. Chair Juan mentions that given the historic and regular incidence of this mistake, it is a Custom of the Assembly
  3. Steven does not affirm any Motion
  1. Implementation of Campus Climate Survey
  1. Seeing if professors might announce it before class, etc.
  2. Also work with club leaders and schools
  3. Give away incentives to get people to take it
  1. Bias created by giving away too much free things?
  1. Student on the Board of Trustees Resolution
  1. Ultimate goal is to add student representation and perspective on the Board of Trustees
  1. Not attempting to give them equal power, etc.
  1. Food Insecurity - Email Andres
  1. Motions from the Floor
  2. Save the Dates
  1. Student Senators Council October 12th (9 AM)
  2. Student Senators Council October 19th (9 AM)
  3. Presidents Council October 19th (4 PM)
  4. Student Government Assembly November 2nd (4 PM)
  1. Adjournment

Adjourned 5:57 pm