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SGA Committee Reports

November 2, 2017

Juan Calero, SGA Chair

Tamara Cesaretti, SSC Vice Chair

Rachel Law, Global Vice Chair

Max Pau, Presidents Council Vice Chair

  1. All-University Events
  1. School Senators and Presidents, keep a lookout for an email from Florence Tong regarding your All-University Games team.
  1. Diversity
  1. Diversity committee is working on an initiative to improve the services offered by the Moses center. So if any of you, or anyone you know is willing to share an experience of theirs that highlights the serious need for increase of resources, please contact Christopher Hearn or Fernando Flores-Cabrera.
  2. Christopher Hearn, diversity director, is also trying to connect with each school and constituency to learn about their individual diversity initiatives/councils/positions, etc... and finding out if there's anything that needs to be done to help support or improve them. The initial email was sent out a week ago and only a small few have replied on behalf of their school or constituency. Please reach out to your school or constituency presidents and let them know to have the appropriate people reach out to Christopher.
  1. Health and Wellness
  1. Mental Health Crisis Trainings - If your school or constituency is interested in taking part, please let Brennan O'Rourke (brennan.riley.orouke@nyu.edu) and Asiya Vickers (amv242@nyu.edu) know.
  2. Health and Wellness is planning a Mental Health Arts Festival for the first week of April. Please let Brennan know if you want to help plan it, or if your school or constituencies would be willing to host events for it.
  3. Menstrual Hygiene Products (MHPs) - A compiled list of where MHPs can be found is at this link. https://www.nyu.edu/students/health-and-wellness/student-health-center/health-information/menstrual-health-/menstrual-hygiene-products.html PLEASE, let your constituencies know.
  1. ISAC
  1. ISAC is working with the core team petitioning for increased academic opportunities and exposure related to South Asia at NYU to push for these initiatives. The committee wishes to gain SGA support on the Statement of Interest proposed by this group.
  2. With the Statement of Interest, we aim to demonstrate student interest in increasing study away opportunities in South Asia and establishing relevant academic programs or departments at NYU New York.
  3. Please contact Senator-at-Large Rachel Law (rachel.law@nyu.edu) if you have any questions or feedback.
  1. Student Activities Board
  1. Anyone interested in working on policy writing and hearing grievances should e-mail sab.club@nyu.edu to join our Governance subcommitee!!
  1. Undergraduate Affairs
  1. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee membership will no longer be restricted to presidents only. From today, all senators are invited to attend meetings which are from 3:00pm - 4:00pm on Thursdays. This will be an great opportunity for Senators to play around with programming. If you have any questions or wish to attend, email the chair, Max, at maxy@nyu.edu.