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SSC Committee Reports

October 26, 2017

Juan Calero, SGA Chair

Tamara Cesaretti, SSC Vice Chair

Rachel Law, Global Vice Chair

Max Pau, Presidents Council Vice Chair

  1. Alumni Relations
  1. Alumni relations is looking for more members! If you or anyone from your constituencies are interested, contact the committee chair, Nhesthy Ong.
  1. Health and Wellness
  1. Mental Health Crisis Trainings - If your school or constituency is interested in taking part, please let Brennan O'Rourke (brennan.riley.orouke@nyu.edu) and Asiya Vickers (amv242@nyu.edu) know.
  2. Health and Wellness is planning a Mental Health Arts Festival for the first week of April. Please let Brennan know if you want to help plan it, or if your school or constituencies would be willing to host events for it.
  3. Menstrual Hygiene Products (MHPs) - A compiled list of where MHPs can be found is at this link. https://www.nyu.edu/students/health-and-wellness/student-health-center/health-information/menstrual-health-/menstrual-hygiene-products.html PLEASE, let your constituencies know.
  1. Public Relations
  1. We will be beginning our “Why I Serve” Campaign at the next SGA meeting so be sure to look your best and come ready for photos!
  1. Student Activities Board
  1. Anyone interested in working on policy writing and hearing grievances should e-mail sab.club@nyu.edu to join our Governance subcommitee!!