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SSC Committee Reports

October 12, 2017

Juan Calero, SGA Chair

Tamara Cesaretti, SSC Vice Chair

Rachel Law, Global Vice Chair

Max Pau, Presidents Council Vice Chair

  1. Academic Affairs
  2. All-University Events
  3. Alumni Relations
  4. Conference Funding
  5. Diversity
  6. Financial Affairs
  1. ShareMeals is hosting a Pack-A-Thon this coming Saturday, 10/14th from 12pm-3pm in GCASL 361. The Financial Affairs committee is trying to make it out to support ShareMeals. We'd love if you all could make it and/or share it with your constituencies.
  1. Graduate Affairs
  2. Health and Wellness
  1. We will be working with H&W to create short PSA videos if anyone is interested in helping. Some ideas might include "Your visit to H&W" or "Your first call to Wellness Exchange".
  2. Contact Brennan O'Rourke or Asiya Vickers if you are interested in mental health crisis counseling.
  1. International Student Affairs
  2. Organization and Governance
  3. Public Relations
  4. Site Ambassador
  5. Standards
  6. Student Activities Board
  7. Student Services
  8. Student Technology
  9. Undergraduate Affairs