Fall 2020

September Edition
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This Parent e-Newsletter is published monthly during the academic year for parents of current New York University undergraduate students studying in New York by the NYU Center for Student Life.


A warm welcome to parents of new NYU students and welcome back to our returning families. As students start their second week of classes in New York -- remote, in-person, or a hybrid, we look forward to a semester that won't be without a bit of uncertainty as this new normal unfolds. Although campus is quieter than most fall semesters, the University is fully staffed, either physically on campus or by teleworking, and staff are available by phone, email or Zoom to help guide students through the semester.

This newsletter will serve as a resource for information, updates, and reminders.  I also encourage you to bookmark "NYU Returns" as it will serve as a central place to look for important new developments. If you happened to miss our Parents Update as a part of the NYU Returns Webinar Series, a recorded version is available.

-- David Vogelsang, Executive Director

NYU Returns: Students

We are thankful to the many students who arrived early for the required quarantine period and made it through admirably. They can take pride in their perseverance and in what they've done to contribute to keeping NYU and NYC healthy. Students on campus continue to follow NYU's safety and health protocols, including physical distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding bars, parties, and large gatherings. Here is a recent update outlining guidance we have provided. We are also conducting ongoing testing for students studying on campus and recently shared this video, What Do You Wear A Mask For?

Study and Remote Learning Spaces

Dedicated spaces have been established to allow students to actively participate in online classes and study. Reservations are available to students through the NYU Mobile App. To ensure all students can access this dedicated space, we ask students to please be mindful of their fellow students and only book space that will be used. Students will need to provide their own device as desktops/laptops are not provided.

To help with their remote academic learning environment, the Office of Student Success is available to help students seeking remote learning tips, a helpful person to talk to, a morale boost and many other resources.  See their Tips for Remote Learning (PDF) and Tips for Supporting Your Student's Transition to NYU (PDF)

Religious Observance

The Parent Helpline often receives calls about student attendance around religious holidays. We value the diversity of our students and their beliefs; New York University, however, as a nonsectarian institution, adheres to the general policy of including in its official calendar only certain legal holidays. It also has long been University policy that members of any religious group may, without penalty, absent themselves from classes when compliance with their religious obligations requires it. Please refer to the University Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays to assist your student.

Campus Dining

NYU Eats is committed to providing students with a wide variety of delicious, healthy, and nutritious meal options safely and responsibly.  For dining locations, hours of operation, and safety protocols, visit www.nyu.edu/dining. Note that changes to meal plans can be made through September 15th. For other questions, please visit the NYU Dining FAQ pages and Dining Guide.  You may also contact NYU Eats staff by email at AskCampusServices@nyu.edu or by phone at 212-998-4900.

Getting Involved and Making Connections

As returning students start to settle into their routine, so do reconnections through clubs, student councils, activities boards, school cohort groups, and student-focused centers and departments. A virtual Club Fest will introduce opportunities to join clubs across the University and all kinds of interests from social to spiritual, academic to political, performing to competing, and more!  See many of the activities we have planned through the coming months on our Welcome Programs and Beyond page.

Alumni and Parents Day

This year, we invite all parents to join us for our first-ever virtual weekend.  With travel being more complicated (especially due to quarantine requirements in NYC) and with so many of our students attending classes virtually from their homes or Global Academic Centers, this year's program will be virtual with many recorded programs to view on your own time.  Highlights include school and program presentations; a State of the University Address by President Hamilton; workshops on Study Away, Campus Life, Student Success, Career Development, Student Health, Advising, and more.  Additionally, parents will also have an opportunity to attend Alumni workshops.  Registration is now open on the Parents Day web page.

Access to Student Information

There are several services in which students may provide parents (or other guests) with access to view their student information such as tuition bills, Campus Cash, dining balances, grades, emergency contact information, and more.  Click on the options below to request access:

  • Electronic Suite - For financial account information on such things as tuition statements, account balances, and electronic payments towards a student's account balance.
  • Albert Mobile - For guest access to student information such as grades, address information, class schedules, transcripts, and more.
  • Dining and Campus Cash - To make deposits to Campus Cash or Dining Dollars, as well as view account information.

For access to health-related information, the Student Health Center must obtain your student's written authorization before using or disclosing personal health information, unless there is a serious or imminent threat to the health and safety of the student or others. Related information and forms.

Emergencies and Preparedness

The Department of Public Safety is committed to fostering a more resilient community to ensure our students, faculty and staff are informed, prepared, and protected while pursuing their endeavors throughout the world.  We encourage students to download the Safe NYU Mobile app to receive timely communications from the University. We also encourage the University Community, including parents, to follow NYU on Facebook or Twitter.

During emergency and non-emergency situations, assistance is available through the Department of Public Safety Command Center, 24 hours, seven days a week. Be sure to add 212-998-2222 to your contact list and visit www.nyu.edu/public-safety.

Also note that the Wellness Exchange has professional counselors available 24/7 to assist students who are in crisis or just need to talk. Counselors are a great resource for parents should you need advice on helping your student. Call 212-443-9999.

Students may find the phone numbers listed above on the back of their NYU ID.

Note that the NYU Parents Helpline is not an emergency number and is only answered during weekday business hours. 

University Calendars

The University or Academic Calendar provides all relevant holidays, breaks, graduation, school start/end dates, as well as class registration and bill payment dates through Summer 2021. Similar dates are also available for our international centers.


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