Following the recommendations of the University Space Priorities Working Group, which issued its final report in March 2014, and the affirmation of the University’s intent and ability to move forward with constructing the Paulson Center at 181 Mercer Street, the Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee was established to provide advice to the University and a forum for consultation on quality-of-life issues on both blocks before, during, and after construction. The Committee’s work furthered the Working Group’s principle that the Superblocks, “...should be better places in which to live: better in terms of their physical environment and better in terms of the relationship between NYU and the community.” The Committee provided periodic updates to the University Community.

The charge to the Committee included providing input to the University on:

  • Improvements to the Superblocks, including the University's obligations under its agreement with the City leading up to the start of construction, the relocation of services provided by the Coles Sports Center, and other planned improvements;
  • The design process, including the feedback on the design of the Paulson Center at 181 Mercer Street;
  • Overall quality-of-life on the Superblocks, including efforts to mitigate the effects of construction, as well as more general quality-of-life concerns; and
  • Stewardship and communication between the University and the community.

The Committee worked in conjunction with other project-related stakeholder groups, including the Open Space Oversight Organization (the “OSOO”). The OSOO, an independent 501(c)(3) organization required by the City Council as part of the Core Plan, was charged with reviewing revisions to the rules and regulations governing the public open spaces (the "park rules"), and for reviewing any modifications to the public open spaces post completion.