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Testimony of Hila Richardson
Clinical Professor in the NYU College of Nursing (NYUCN)
Before the New York City Planning Commission
For the Public Hearing on the New York University Core Project
April 24, 2012

Dear Chair and Commissioners,

As a Clinical Professor in the NYU College of Nursing (NYUCN), I write in support of the NYU 2031 Plan. I have been a faculty member for the past 15 years and during this time I have witnessed the growth of the University as an outstanding global university. It is essential that we maintain that growth trajectory in order to position NYU as a preeminent research intensive university.

The NYU College of Nursing is proud to be a professional school and academic unit of the University. NYUCN is playing an important role in freeing up a significant amount of academic space at Washington Square by virtue of our move to the Health Science Corridor on First
Avenue in 2015. This will be the new home of the College of Nursing.

While it is our pleasure to malce this move, we know that it will not begin to meet the renovation and expansion needs of the University. As such, the incremental and strategic NYU 2031 Plan is an important roadmap for future development of a premier academic institution.

I urge you to support this plan which will contribute to both a thriving university, and a robust neighborhood. Both will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the incremental unfolding of the NYU 2031 Plan.


Hila Richardson, RN, DrPH, FAAN
Clinical Professor
College of Nursing, New York University