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404 Lafayette Street, Internal Renovations


NYU is renovating the interior of 404 Lafayette Street and 708 Broadway in order to create space for the NYU College of Global Public Health. The project is scheduled to begin in January 2018 and will continue through fall 2019.

Work Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Neighbors will be given advanced notice of any changes to the work schedule.

Current Project Update

September 17, 2018

  • Installation of the electric hoist on the Lafayette Street side of the building is complete. Contractors will begin using the hoist to move materials in and out of the building the week of September 17.
  • Contractors are scheduled to continue interior demolition. Debris removal and deliveries will occur on the Lafayette side of the building via the electric hoist.
  • Deliveries and intermittent staging of a boom truck are scheduled to continue at the temporary loading dock in the adjacent parking lot for the duration of the project.
  • At the direction of the NYC Department of Buildings, contractors are scheduled to remove the existing sidewalk shed, and to erect new sidewalk shed, on the Broadway side of the building in late September in order to protect pedestrian safety.
    • Removal of the previous shed is anticipated to take 1-2 days, and errection of the new shed is scheduled to occur over a week, weather and field conditions pending.
    • The sidewalk shed is scheduled to remain in place through Spring 2019.
  • Contractors are scheduled to remove the mock-up of the proposed rooftop mechanical equipment in October. Additional details will be provided prior to the commencement of this work.
  • Pending permits, contractors are scheduled to remove a fuel oil tank from the basement of the building in October. This work will require contractors to remove equipment via the Broadway side of the building. Additional details will be provided prior to the commencement of this work.

Scope of Work

  • The project consists of interior renovation, the installation of new windows, installation of new roofing and rooftop mechanical equipment, and the restoration of entryways on Lafayette Street and Broadway.
  • Interior work includes demolition, abatement of asbestos containing material (ACM), and construction. Contractors will follow safe abatement protocols for the removal of all hazardous materials.
  • Construction staging and deliveries will utilize the Lafayette Street side of the building.
  • An electric hoist will be installed on the east side of the building adjacent to the parking lot on Lafayette Street in order to facilitate the movement of materials in and out of the building. All materials deliveries and debris removal will occur via this hoist.
  • For pedestrian safety, the sidewalk bridging will remain up on Broadway and Lafayette Street, as necessary.
  • As with any active construction site, dust will be generated in the area immediately surrounding the work and noise will be generated by mechanical equipment, such as jackhammers.

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