181 Mercer Street

181 Mercer Street


181 Mercer Street , the new multi-use building expected to be completed in late 2021, will house much-needed new classrooms, performing arts education and training spaces, a modern athletic facility, student and faculty housing, and approximately 7,500 square feet of space for a public atrium and community uses. This project also features a number of open space enhancements.

Work Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Workers may arrive onsite as early as 7:00 am.
  • Neighbors will be given advance notice of any changes to the work schedule.

NYU is committed to minimizing the effects of dust, noise, and traffic in the vicinity of the construction site and has developed a plan with Turner Construction Company (NYU’s construction manager for the project) to implement NYU’s Restrictive Declaration commitments for construction mitigation. With the approval of the Department of City Planning, Henningson, Durham & Richardson Architecture and Engineering, P.C. (HDR) has been retained as the independent third party monitor to oversee NYU’s mitigation efforts. Read HDR's report from Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017, and Summer 2017, or learn more about how we plan to minimize the effects of dust, noise, and traffic in the vicinity of the site.


Scope of Work

  • Decommissioning of the Coles building began in February 2016 and project site mobilization and demolition of the Coles building commenced in October 2016.
  • As per the NYC Department of Transportation and Department of Buildings, a sound attenuating construction fence was installed around the perimeter of the 181 Mercer Street site. To learn more see a site map or visit our About the Project Site FAQ page.
  • Periodic material deliveries and staging, dumpster and asbestos disposal truck placement, crane use, etc, will be located within the fenced in perimeter of the project site.
  • Periodic asbestos abatement will require the use of a specialized disposal container.
  • Salvageable items not dispersed to departments across the University were made available to local public schools and nonprofit organizations.
  • As with any active construction site, dust may be generated in the area immediately surrounding the work and noise and odors may be generated by hand tools and mechanical equipment such as jackhammers, saw-cutters, excavators, and burners. Learn more about how we plan to minimize the effects of dust, noise, and traffic in the vicinity of the site.
  • The 181 Mercer Street Open House Space, located at Washington Square Village Building 2, on West 3rd Street between Mercer Street and LaGuardia Place, is open to the public and the NYU community on Tuesdays from 3:00pm-5:00pm and by appointment. This space features renderings, schematics, and a model, and will remain open for the duration of construction. 

Project Timeline

  • Pre-construction work began in February 2016. The project is expected to be completed in late 2021.
  • Project site mobilization and demolition of the Coles building commenced in October 2016 and continued through February 2017.
  • Excavation, which includes the removal of the existing foundation, rock, and soil, began in May 2017 and is scheduled to continue through winter 2018.
    • The 181 Mercer Street team has submitted an application to the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) to take part in the New York City Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). Projects that are part of this program employ high quality cleanups that meet State standards. This program ensures that all vacant land with light to moderate levels of contamination—known as "brownfields"—can be cleaned up and redeveloped in a manner that protects public health and the environment.
    • More information about this program can be found at the OER website, which includes a Fact Sheet about the project’s participation in the program. 
  • Foundation work began in fall 2017 and is scheduled to continue through late 2018.
  • Core and Shell work includes the construction of the building structure and façade. Enclosure of the building is currently scheduled to be completed in winter 2020.
  • During the final fit-out phase, the building is enclosed and interior construction is underway. The landscaping of the Greene Street Walk will also occur during this phase. The project is scheduled to be completed in late 2021.

Current Project Update,

January 22, 2018  

Dust monitoring report for week of January 15 through January 19.

Upcoming Work

  • A soil removal operation is scheduled to take place on either Tuesday, January 23, or Wednesday, January 24, during normal work hours. Due to the location of the soil being removed and the logistics of the other operations taking place around the site, the gate located on the western side of the site, south of 100 Bleecker Street will be used for this removal operation. A truck will access the site from the Silver Towers plaza via the Houston Street driveway intermittently throughout the day. Flagmen will be onsite to direct pedestrian traffic.
  • Below grade demolition and excavation of the western portion of the construction site is scheduled to resume the week of January 22. The below grade demolition work and excavation work, which includes the removal of the existing foundation, rock, and soil, is scheduled to continue through winter 2018, weather and site conditions permitting.
    • Trucks will enter and exit the the site from either Mercer Street or Houston Street to haul the materials being excavated. All vehicles exiting the site are expected to use a wheel-washing station to help minimize the amount of dust that leaves the project site.  

Ongoing Work

  • Foundation work continues on site and is scheduled to continue through late 2018.
    • Drilling of the building's structural caissons continues onsite. 
    • Soil mixing continues onsite. This work involves mixing soil and grout in the middle of the site to prepare and stabilize the area for drilling. Due to the nature of this work, a soil-concrete mixture remains in the vicinity of work at the end of each day's operation. This mixture cools and solidifies overnight.

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