About NYU

NYU has over 500,000 alumni, 50,000 students, and 22,000 employees worldwide.

NYU spends over $300 million annually on goods and services from vendors and contractors located in NYC.

With 22,500+ employees in NYC, NYU is one of the top 25 largest employers in New York City.

Since 2012, nearly 20% of NYU's incoming freshman classes have been first-generation college students.

NYU Abu Dhabi campus. ©NYU Abu Dhabi.


NYU's incubators have supported 140+ start-up companies and developers.

NYU students, staff, and faculty have founded hundreds of start-ups such as Brooklinen and Clarifai through the University's resources for entrepreneurs.

NYU's start-up incubators have helped to create 3,200+ new jobs in New York State.

©O'Brien: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.


More than $4 million donated to NYU's workplace charitable giving program to support hundreds of local nonprofits and the United Way of NYC.

NYU students, staff, and faculty serve 1,200+ New York City nonprofit organizations annually.

Every year, NYU spends $10 million on public service activity, including events, seminars, and workshops for non-NYU-affiliated neighbors.

NYU students contribute 1.7 million hours of community engagement activity every year.

School of Professional Studies’ Aspire college-preparation program for first-generation students. ©NYUSPS/Mark McQueen.


Nearly 30 products have been brought to market by industry partners based on technologies developed at NYU.

1,300+ patents have been granted to NYU researchers, more than half of which have been licensed to industry partners.

NYU attracts $400 million annually in support from foundations, governmental organizations, and other external sources.

3-D printer at the MakerSpace in Brooklyn. ©Sorel: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.


NYU's carbon footprint has dropped by 29% since 2006. By 2025, the University plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 50%.

NYU students donate over 8+ tons annually of gently used, reusable items.

NYU maintains 2 million+ square feet of LEED-certified space.

NYU maintains urban landscapes in NYC that feature a wide variety of plants, with approx. 61 species of trees.

Flowers. ©Asselin: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.