October 20-30, 2022

Are we as divided as the media woud like us to believe?
Can our geographical location predict what our politics are?
Is there more that connects us than separates us?

This verbatim documentary theatre experience was created from over 100 interviews that were gathered over the past year with participants across the country. You might be surprised by what you discover about yourself and this continuing experiment that we call the United States of America. 

Presented by the Program in Educational Theatre & the Verbatim Performance Lab, in collaboration with NYU-TV, NYU Libraries, and the NYU John Brademas Center, and with support from Global Research Initiatives, Office of the Provost.

VPL, Brademas, GRI, and NYU TV logos

Acting Ensemble:
Averil Carr
Beth Weiss
Daniel Teutul
Devin Joyner
Jessamyn Fitzpatrick
Kayla Matters
Michael Roberts
Noah Jackson
Ran Zhu
Topaz Gao

Video Designer:
Adam J. Thompson

Created by:
Joe Salvatore &
Keith R. Huff

Keith R. Huff

Sarah Bellantoni

Lighting Designer:
Daryl Embry

Actor Coaching:
Lauren Gorelov
Ryan Howland
Tammie L. Swopes

Costume Coordinator:
Márion Talán
de la Rosa

Production SM:
Alicia Cabrera

Sound Designer:
Ernesto Valenzuela