November 4, 2022

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the post-1989 settlement concerning the reach of different powers in and beyond Europe. Or was this consensus far more fragile and problematic than was generally assumed? How do we think of the experience of power, states, communities, peace, and of course war in light of the war in Ukraine, and what does it mean for our understanding of the last thirty years and the crises still to come?

This event was in conversation with: Sophie Lambroschini, Researcher, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin and Petrach Ukrainian Studies Fellow, IERES, George Washington University; Victoria Smolkin, Associate Professor of History, Wesleyan University and Visiting Fellow, Remarque Institute, New York University; and, Alexander Etkind, Professor of International Relations, Central European University.

In-person seating is very limited. Advance registration was strictly required. Please email for in-person registration.