April 20, 2020

2020 Census

Efforts to get out the count for the 2020 Census have begun despite severe headwinds. While the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration’s attempts to add a citizenship question last year, concerns about the safety of participating in the once-in-a-decade count could still depress response rates. Also threatening the count are concerns about how the coronavirus will affect responses. The stakes are significant: the Census will determine the distribution of political power for the next decade. And America’s immigrant communities and communities of color face the biggest challenges to being counted fully and fairly. To keep the Census on track, a national network of lawyers and allies has been working around the clock on advocacy, organizing, litigation, communications, and more.

This program was produced in partnership with the Brennan Center for Justice, the Brooklyn Historical Society and New York University's John Brademas Center.

Leading experts joined for an important conversation about the efforts to guide the 2020 count safely.

Brennan Center for Justice

Brooklyn Historical Society

NYU Brademas Center



Adriel Cepeda Derieux

Janai Nelson

Janai Nelson

Osita Nwanevu

Osita Nwanevu - Moderator

Thomas Wolf

Thomas Wolf

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